The title may not be problematic but the film surely has some problem which is taken care of by the genius Sameer Vidwans.

The opening scene of a marriage registrar office and the camera moves towards introducing us to the protagonists of the film. Confused expressions on their faces and we are taken into flashback. Colour pallete of scene changes within a fraction of a second. It is an unsuccessful conversation among two families deciding marriage of their kids. Opening credits roll in the most innovative manner as far as credits in Marathi films are concerned but they reminded me of end credits of Mani Ratnam’s O Kadhal Kanmani. The story moves forward in a unique way through the credits. Post which we see an unhappy couple married against thier parents wish now struggling to give time to each other. They fail to give the required attention to their son. They decide to stay separately and there enters their respective families changing the entire game for them. Involvement of families in their life changes the equation between them, but in what way needs to be found out in Mala Kahich Problem Nahi.

Ravi Singh has written a simple but an interesting story. Screenplay of Kaustubh Savarkar makes it more interesting. Execution of Sameer Vidwans gives it the perfect finishing touches making it a beautiful product. Story may lack innovation but the screenplay doesn’t. Sameer touches various points/issues in everybody’s life as a whole. At some point in life a person goes through the issues portrayed in the film he mainly talks about feeling of detachment from the life partner. Everyone may not relate to the root cause of these problems but one surely faces them. Sameer wonderfully shows the generation gap, poles apart perspectives, regressive thinking of rural people, issues of urban people, friendship, hope of a new married wife to live in a metropolitan city, change of heart over a period of time in a span of few scenes which is commendable.

Like the overall writing of the film works in the favour of the film every single character is written with equal conviction. Spruha Joshi makes you fall in love with her performance. She is strong independent women, a perfect wife, mother and a stubborn daughter. She gives time to her work and kid but struggles to get time from her husband. The scene after the parents meeting where she makes a drink for her husband and herself depicts the strength of this character. Taking a stand against her family because she is not treated equally becuase she has got her periods or in the family function her aunt isn’t given equal rights as the other family members because she is a widow makes Spruha look like an inspiration. You crack up seeing her react to forcefully perform a pooja. She emotes with utmost perfection in every single scene. Gashmeer Mahajani nails his role. He plays his part very convincingly. He is adorable as a man who can’t say no to someone on his/her face. Pre climax scene where he speaks his heart out to his father, scene where he makes his wife understand the importance of adjusting as per their family demands, scene where he needs support of his best friend in his marital issues and many more; Gashmeer simply shines in these scenes.

The supporting cast is massive. Nirmiti Sawant has a humorous touch to her act but here she is also an obedient wife and a doting mother/ mother-in-law. She is pure delight to watch in Mala Kahich Problem Nahi. Satish Alekar may not have much dialogues but his presence in a scene makes the scene powerful. When he talks its magic on screen. Vijay Nikam speaks a lot with his face making his act noticeable. He barely smiles in the film but that is the speciality of his character which works for the film. Seema Deshmukh is mostly dormant in the film but has one powerful scene and she nails it in that one scene. Mangal Kenkre gets her act right. She is tensed about her daughter also follows the traditions but gives out a strong opinion where required. Snehalata Vasayikar shines in her limited screen presence. She owns the scene whenever she is on screen. Overall performances in Mala Kahich Problem Nahi are outstanding majorly because the characters are very well written.

Cannot miss the music in the film. All soft melodies which explain the particular situation in best possible way or take the film forward. The songs may not be chartbusters but they are well fitted in the film. Second half of the film is shot in Konkan, even though it is majorly indoors you like seeing the house and might feel nostalgic if you have spent your childhood vacations in such houses. Editing of the film is bit problematic in second half. The film looks dragged. The writing becomes tad bit weak in some portions of second half. You just see the couple agreeing to everything their family asks them to do right from visiting neighbours/relatives in Konkan, to performing numerous religious functions. In all this Sameer manges to retain the interest in the film with humour but the missing spark is clearly visible.

Overall Mala Kahich Problem Nahi is worth a watch. Sameer Vidwans has made a feel good film and you may have happy tears. Film shows some beautiful souls making you feel amazing by the end of the film. Just because only three won’t do justice.

Rating: 3.5/5


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