Imagine a boy gets sexually excited seeing own mother and a father gives hand job to his own son just to satisfy his sexual needs. Does this story gives you goose flesh? Yes, this horrifying idea is a part of Prasad Oak’s directorial venture Kaccha Limbu.

Kaccha Limbu is a story of Bachchu (Manmeet Pem) who is a mentally challenged child. His parents (Ravi Jadhav and Sonali Kulkarni) are struggling to live a peaceful life because of their not so normal child. Desires of both these individuals remain unfulfilled which leads to frustration and without a second though taking some extreme step to find their share of joy. Sonali has some kind of support in her boss (Sachin Khedekar). A bond more than just professional colleagues starts between both of them but it leads nowhere.

Screenplay of Chinmay Mandlekar is slow and gripping but just not completely satisfying. It starts off quite well with arrange marriage story of Ravi Jadhav and Sonali Kulkarni and moves at a pretty decent pace. There is no innovation is revealing Manmeet’s mental disorder. It is just like any other scene. First half is pretty interesting as Prasad and Chinmay manage to involve you in the film. Chinmay sort of looses his grip in second half and we are left with just few bold moments. They fail to stay with you for a long time. Climax is right but is full of cliches and is not completely satisfying.

Treatment of Kaccha Limbu takes you by surprise. Film starts with sepia colour palette and Prasad beautifully shifts to balck and white indicating drastic change in the protagonist’s life. Post that only flashbacks are in colour. The only film that comes to my mind that used this reverse technique was Ashok Mehta’s Moksha. It is simply beautiful to see colourful objects in a black and white frame be it a movie poster, scent, cake or a saree. Prasad also gets the tiny nuances of the olden era right be it buying gajras for wife or celebrating birthday with a cake which back then was a new trend. He has handled this extremely sensitive subject with utmost care but being extra sensitive Prasad tends to loose the essence of the story. The use of metaphor in the ejaculation scene is a pure genius. I did not understand why Prasad choose long shots when Manmeet troubles Sonali and mid or close shot for Ravi. Few scenes in the film has noteworthy transitions.

Coming to performances in the film is quite tricky. Kaccha Limbu is one of those films where good story and good performances are directly proportionate. This good story brings out good performances only from good actors. Sonali Kulkarni is outstanding. She literally feels her character in every single frame. She is flawless as a mother, wife and a normal woman who hopes for basic happiness which is life with less stress. Sachin Khedekar leaves you speechless with his class act. He is a good human and that he has given a pitch perfect portrayal of the same. Manmeet Pem has no dialogues but just actions. He suited the part well and that is what matters here. Ravi Jadhav is a big question mark. The only thing that works in his performance is that he plays father of Manmeet Pem. Limited characters in the film work as it is easy to concentrate on the complex story.

Kaccha Limbu works is bits and parts. He depicts a very beautiful relationship of husband and wife which is emotionally challenging. Prasad wins you there but is not completely successful in impressing you. He chooses to tell a different story differently but misses the mark of perfection. It is easy to make out that the film’s appeal is limited because of its different content. I recommend Kachcha Limbu just to see Prasad Oak’s attempt to make a different film.

Rating: 3/5


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