When Anurag Kashyap enter the field of commercial cinema he makes sure that he makes you feel there is no one like him. Last time he made a hard core commercial film was in 2012 with Gangs Of Wasseypur where he came into the limelight making a mark in this candy floss covered movie business. Not to forget BOMBAY VELVET which I quite liked. Mukkabaaz is that offering from Kashyap which brilliantly blends the so called commercial Hindi cinema and his style of film making which for the longest time has been catering only to his fans.

Mukkabaaz is a love story of a upper caste girl and a lower caste boy set in a small town of India. What revolves around this story is what makes this film special and in this case it is boxing. Who says such stories are filmy; the fact that Mukkabaaz is inspired from a true story makes us believe in the fiction that we see in Hindi cinema. Kashyap’s powerful writing along with the protagonist Vineet Kumar Singh and Ranjan Chandel makes Mukkabaaz a must watch. The issue of cast is very well highlighted with very sharp dialogues and some remarkable scenes like one where the servant is asked to bring water in another jug for Shravan (Vineet Kumar Singh) or the one where Bhagwan Das Mishra (Jimmy Shergill) asks Shravan to consume his urine to qualify for the game. The writers trio also brings out some heart felt human emotions in the best possible way. The scene where Shravan vents out in front of his father who is like an obstacle in Shravan’s dream, Sunaina’s (Zoya Hussain) mother encouraging her father to do what is right and also the evil mind set of the antagonist whom you would love to hate. Along with this what Kashyap wins you with is also the very difficult phase of Shravan Kumar where he first struggles to get his love and then he is crushed between his personal life and chasing his dreams/passion. Not to forget that superbly done climax frame for which we are not ready and is filled with so much curiosity.

Mukkabaaz is not only about Anurag Kashyap but also Vineet Kumar Singh who has literally given his heart and soul for this film. Right from his physical transformation to getting every expression and mannerism right he has done a phenomenal job. He sets the bar sky high for his contemporaries. It is actually a big and serious question whether any other actor can manage to do what Vineet has done in Mukkabaaz. Zoya Hussain is another surprise in the film. I salute this girl who agreed to be mute in her first film but she has nailed it with her performance. The best part about her act is that you do not empathize with her even for a second. Jimmy Shergill and Ravi Kishan play parts which are poles apart and no prizes for guessing how brilliant they are in the film.

The next thing that comes after the superb acting are the surprisingly terrific compositions of the film. Imagine a Nucleya song finds an appropriate place in an Anurag Kashyap film. All other songs be it Mushkil Hai Apna Meil Priye or Bohot Dukha Mann are very well written adding a lot of value to the film. They make the film’s narrative much more strong. The raw and real treatment of the film creates the right atmosphere making your movie watching experience even more intense and there is never a dull moment in the film.

Mukkabaaz is a must watch more importantly for the story it tells with so many learning. My biggest takeaway from Mukkabaaz is the power of a commitment which makes one forget his passion for life, isn’t it difficult. I strongly recommend Mukkabaaz.

Rating: 3.5/5


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