Shentimental does not give you a clear idea about what exactly the film is all about. Seeing police officers in trailer gives you a brief idea about police being sentimental about something. So the story of Shentimental is nothing great as such.

Mumbai police is blamed of being lazy. Team of three police officers which includes Ashok Saraf, Upendra Limaye and Vikas Patil are on a mission. It is the journey of these three men and their trip to gaining a medal for themselves. Sameer Patil tells the story with some good humour, good dialogues and delivers a pure entertainer. The narrative is straight and simple. The story has small twists and turns with no complexities. Sameer Patil manages to gives us an insight into the lives of policemen. He does not goes into details but makes his point with the help of strong dialogues and delightful scenes. Story of policemen is not something very new in cinema but here Sameer Patil makes a successful attempt to do something different in the plot with his execution.

Ashok Saraf is unbearable when it comes to comedy in movies. He is simply effortless and makes you believe that this role was written just for him. It is amazing to see Ashok Saraf make us laugh. He is outstanding in Shentimental. Upendra Limaye always suits for strong characters. Shentimental may not give him a strong character but his performance is strong as always. He creates a lasting impression with his act. Vikas Patil is the surprise package of the film. He has a good part and he plays it even better. He is romantic as a lover and dedicated as a cop. It is good to see Raghuveer Yadav talk Marathi. The secondary cast is massive with very little but good part for everyone and all of them have done justice to it. Technically the film does not disappoint you.

Overall Shentimental is a good effort, feel good film and can be watched once.



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