I have never enjoyed any comedy film made my Anees Bazmee. Trailer of Mubarakan gave me no hopes about the film. I thought Anil Kapoor will be the only saving grace of the film. I sit to watch Mubarakan praying that this one does not turn out to be an exercise in boredom. To my surprise, ten minutes into the film and I was enjoying the film like nobody’s business. By interval I had to check myself if I was alright because I was liking an Anees Bazmee directed senseless comedy film.

The trailer of Mubarakan almost tells you everything about the film. So there is no suspense as such in the film. The only thing that is there in the film is confusion, misunderstanding which makes the film predictable as there is nothing else in these slapstick comedies. There is also lots and lots of illogical humour which for a change I did not mind at all. I laughed at the silliest of the jokes just because they were presented nicely. Mubarakan is majorly a fun filled ride.

I have always complained about the people who say they like a particular film because it did not require you to use your brains. For me Mubarakan will always be that film. Silly and stupid yet enjoyable. Yes it does test your patience at many places. The climax family reunion scene is good and may sound very real but it is over the top and too long. The predictions you make while the confusions in the film are fine only to an extent, in second half the same sequences annoy you a bit. Senseless songs and more importantly they are forced in the film make you unhappy for those five minutes.

The overall film is also a bit too long, trimming it short by ten to fifteen minutes would have been more fun. Films like Mubarakan do not bother about technical aspects so no point talking about them. The film does have logical flaws in the screenplay but it is okay because it is Anees Bazmee’s Mubarakan.

Arjun Kapoor just could not carry off the proper Punjabi attitude while performing the songs. Rest of the film he is the scene stealer. His double role act works big time making him a delightful watch and the best thing in the film. After Mubarakan I will like Arjun Kapoor little more than before. I had lots of hope from Anil Kapoor but he remained to be just a good performer. The craziness quotient in him is bit lacking. He could have been a strong reason to watch this film but unfortunately he is not. When a powerhouse of talent like Ratna Pathak Shah does a film like Mubarakan and nails her performance it is a lesson for every aspiring actor that it is the performance that matters the most irrespective of the film. She is simply superb, not for a second she makes you feel that such roles are not made for her. She makes her mark with this superlative performance. Surprisingly Ileana D’cruz is quite good in the film. She is ordinary yet loveable for her act. After watching the film I realized why Athiya Shetty did not have any dialogue in any of the trailer of the film. She has a comparatively smaller role but she is not at all disappointing. In fact she plays her part genuinely with much honesty.

Films like Mubarakan have mammoth cast so every other actor in the film is good be it Pavan Malhotra, Rahul Dev, Neha Sharma, Karan Kundrra amd many others. It is so difficult to imagine that film like Mubarakan has some decent, worth watching performances. Truly a good sign of achche din.

Overall Mubarakan is thoroughly enjoyable. A film to be watched with your family. Yes there are a few problems in the film that bother you but you can’t escape them. So, for a change good job Mr. Bazmee.

Rating: 2.5/5


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