A boy meets girl love story is made like thousands of time in every possible language. We all know how will the story unfold and almost the entire movie is predictable. The only saving grace in such a story is the execution. Chandrakant Kanse deserves not full but the highest marks for making Bhetali Tu Punha a thoroughly enjoyable fare. He has rightly sensed his audience and delivered a satisfying experience.

The film overall is a great joyride with a fun filled first hald and a very dragged second half. Film has a good narrative that makes the ride more enjoyable. The journey of Alok (Vaibhav Tatwawaadi) and Ashwini (Pooja Sawant) is the life of the film. Their great act give you your money’s worth. You enjoy being part of Alok and Ashwini’s journey. You laugh a lot in the first half and the second half makes you feel every moment of their journey. Yes there are a few moments in second half you are just waiting to get over. There is overdose of songs even though they are melodious they seem to be stopping the film from going ahead.

Writing of Sanjay Jamkhandi may not be great but is surely interesting. His efforts to make the screenplay novel are clearly visible even though they may not be completely successful. Chandrakant Kanse’s direction saves the film big time from Bhetali Tu Punha being just another ordinary love story. The film has some lovely moments that make you feel so good. These moments save the second half from testing your patience.

Vaibhav Tatwawaadi is so effortless. He is highly impressive in the film and you simply just priase his performance. Pooja Sawant has done a great job. Her character may not be new but is surely interesting and she makes it lively with her act. Both of them makes you fall in love with them. Most of the film we see both of them and we just love seeing them. Their performances are the highlight of the film. There is a supporting cast but Vaibhav and Pooja easily overshadow them. Double thumbs up for these two stars of the film.

Bhetali Tu Punha is very cliched but it is also interesting and enjoyable. You have seen many such films till now but you do not mind watching one more as Bhetali Tu Punha.

Rating: 3/5


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