History was never a favourite subject of many of us in school. There was a time when Bhagat Singh and India Pakistan partition was a favourite subject of filmmakers to make films to depict school text books on celluloid. Tigmanshu Dhulia chooses to tell us that story from the history which was never a part of our text books. His research about the topic will literally blow your mind. He does not gives you a single chance to question the story of his film.

Technically Raag Desh has little or no flaws. As mentioned earlier the research is outstanding. To be precise the film is history heavy. A sort of revision of your history text books is required before you watch this movie. But if you learned history with great interest in school then you can nicely explain the events from this film to your friends who were not so attentive in the history classes during school. By now I assume you must have understood that talking about the story of Raag Desh won’t help much.

The locations in the film will make you praise Tigmanshu Dhulia little more because it is very difficult to find outdoors of 1945 in 2017. Indoors can still be created perfectly. If VFX had a major contribution in creating the right pre independence period than hats off to the team. The film has very good background score but the thing I liked the most about it is that you hear background score only when there are no dialogues, when people are talking all you hear is just the foley sound. It helps in creating the right atmosphere for a scene. Cinematography is class apart and so is the production design. You literally feel like living in the pre independence period while watching the film. Not to forget the wonderful direction of Tigmanshu Dhulia, he is a genius. Even with shoddy editing he knows how to keep the audience engaged.

Kunal Kapoor is just too good. His act in Raag Desh makes you wonder where did he vanish for so long from Hindi cinema. This one may not be his best but is surely worth noticing. Mohit Marwah had a character with little variations. He did his best in the part given to him but nothing exceptional. Amit Sadh can deliver his career’s best in any role given to him. He has a given a great performance in this one. Vijay Verma knows how to shine in his limited scenes. Raag Desh works for the performances as well. The secondary cast is very huge but every single actor has given his best shot making the film worthy.

Raag Desh has some minor problems. The love angle of Mohit Marwah was not at all required. You have no idea when it starts and where it leads to. Film has too many things going on around at the same time, you tend to get a bit confused while watching the film. Thr narrative of the film is very non linear. Editing is a bit problematic too.

Overall Raag Desh makes for a good ome time watch.



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