Munna Michael is one of those films whose story is least interesting but the film survives on many other factors appreciated by so called aam junta. Story of Munna Michael is so lifeless that you do not even feel like predicting it. This is the film made for single screen audiences and Sabbir Khan knew that they will accept the film with arms wide open. This one is made for those who has no idea what a good content is because the bad or no content films work because of them.

In these films hero has a great body, has enough charm to woo women, dances well and fights with the goons. Tiger Shroff is the ultimate choice as he is director’s favourite too and has done nothing else in any of his other films. The antagonist should be a better performer, should be equally known among the target audience as the actor and Nawazuddin Siddiqui fits the bill here. Obviously he is doing something very different here unlike the protagonist. A newcomer makes the film complete and Munna Michael introduces us to Nidhhi Agerwal who is just decent in the film. Compositions for such films are composed by a dozen of composers and their songs lasts on the music devices and channels only till the time film runs in cinema. Cinematography is ordinary, costumes are over the top and editing is almost a cakewalk. The film has a backdrop of dance reality show so the ones who follow every single dance reality show religiously are in for a treat. Munna Michael is a perfect recipe for the masses.

Tiger Shroff is comparatively better than all his other films till now. No doubt he is unbeatable when it comes to dance and action but in Munna Michael he is a slightly better performer too. Nidhhi Agerwal is good as a debutante. She had nothing much to do in the film that makes her act look impressive or promising. Nawazuddin Siddiqui is the only thing in the film that will work with everyone. It is a pleasure to see him do anything on the big screen. In Munna Michael he is brilliant, because of his dance moves and his accent. Another good act in the film is of Ronit Roy, he has limited scenes but he has done a great job.

It is very difficult to appreciate a film like Munna Michael which has no substance in it at all. I did not enjoy it even for a bit but if you enjoy clapping and whistling at hero’s entry or whenever he fights and dances you can try this one.

Rating: 1/5


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