Three years back came a film named Rege which spoke about the company/ friend circle of your kid. It was a very intense film with complex execution. Jatin Wagle’s Manjha also talks about the same topic with much simple execution and a simple story. The point I want to make by comparing these two films is that how both these films are so different even though they are trying to say the same thing.

Manjha has a simple story. You may not find yourself in the film because not every marriage fails nor does every teenage gets a devil friend in angel’s disguise. But it is not something that you may not relate to, Jatin’s story is highly convincing and he assures you that his film may not be a story of the majority but it does exist. The subtle treatment of the film may not work with everyone but it surely does not make you unhappy. When the film is suppose to be a suspense thriller you do expect some high end dramatic scenes yet Jatin leaves you satisfied without these scenes. The pace of the film is moderate, but the narrative is strong. Jatin is in no hurry to reach the conclusion. Even though Manjha takes it own sweet time to tell you the story you are entertained every single minute. Editing of Charu Shree Roy plays an important part in making this happen.

Ashvini Bhave is a delight to watch on screen. She plays a typical single mother who is strong enough to save her kid from any difficulties he faces in his life. Rohit Phalke fits the bill like nothing. He has played his part effortlessly from being an extreme introvert to getting influenced by his best friend to being scared AF. He has portrayed every single emotion with much finesse. One word for his performance is flawless. Sumedh Mudgalkar has the best part in the film, the most challenging one and he has played it excellently. The best thing about his performance is that knowing that his part is more powerful he never tries to grab the limelight. Jatin deserves equal credit for making sure others are not overshadowed by Sumedh’s strong performance. He also deserves credit for the chemistry between Ashvini-Rohit and Rohit-Sumedh, both these bonds look very pure. Mohan Kapoor and Shivani Tanksale are the perfect supporting cast for Manjha.

Overall Manjha is worth a watch, you definitely won’t regret seeing this one.

Rating: 3/5


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