Vikram Vedha seemed like any other cat and mouse race with a cop and gangster flavour to it. More or less the film is all about it but it also has lots more in store for you. Most of the film you feel the absence of some spark in it but you do not even realise when the film picks up and involves you in it. The last half an hour leaves you surprised and shocked every few minutes.

Film starts with Vikram (R. Madhavan) his work and personal life. After a little long wait enters Vedha (Vijay Sethupathi). Things are still very ordinary but you enjoy this ordinary entertainment. Vikram and Vedha come face to face, from there starts the real game sans any fireworks. The stories narrated by Vedha are interesting and enjoyable but not different from any other gangster flick. This make you want for something more and better in the film. For more than hundred years of motion pictures being made many instances in the film seem directly picked up from various other films. They surely remind you of some or the other film seen at some point in our life. During this mediocrity, Gayathri and Pushkar make sure they give you some amazing moments to relish and you have no complaints at all. You simply enjoy every frame in the film due to many reasons.

Performances are amazing. R. Madhavan deserves every single praise. He is just outstanding, even if he has a shot of two seconds he will still give you a million dollar expression in that shot. He nails his performance as an honest and dedicated cop, a perfect husband and a genuine friend. At some point in the film Madhavan’s character is sort of complex because of various things he is dealing with and he portrays it effortlessly. Vijay Sethupathi is a powerhouse of talent. He manages to do so many things with utmost perfection. He is a caring brother, does not want his younger brother to get the life he is currently living. He does not disappoint his gangster boss. He has seen the world, knows what is right and what is wrong. Innocence in the first shot of his first story is magical. Vijay Sethupathi is delight to watch and is also funny at times. With these two men delivering such a robust performances rest of the cast is sort of overshadowed by them, but all of them play their parts well.

Gayathri and Pushkar have done a terrific job with direction. The secens of R. Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi together are the highlight of the film. Every scene has a different emotion in it making all of them pure gems. Vedha’s entry sequence is a direction genius, those amazing camera angles and priceless expressions takes the scene to a different level. Stunts of Dhilip Subbarayan are fabulous, very well designed. I have no words to describe cinematography of PS Vinod. Every single frame in the film is perfect to the T giving you the right feel and creating the right environment. So many frames in the film that are nothing less than beautiful post cards. The film is also shot at some amazing locations. Editing of Richard Kevin A is to the point. Not a minute wasted in the film. Compositions of Sam CS fits the bill but it is the brilliant background score that adds more life to the film. The theme of Vikram Vedha which plays a lot of times and differently will haut you for a long time. Story of Gayathri and Pushkar is good, screenplay is little better or it gets better as the film progresses but the dialogues written by Gayathri and K Manikandan are highly impressive. They make the film interesting also the style of writing is commendable. Technically the film is flawless.

Overall Vikram Vedha is a very good watch. It has superb performances, gripping background score and keeps you entertained throughout. I recommend this one. Just because only three won’t do justice to the film.

Rating: 3.25/5



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