I can’t recollect of a Marathi horror movie seen in a long time, I think they make it very rarely. The last Marathi film I saw that kept me on the edge of my seat and had generated fear in me was Bindhaast which was at least two decades back. Lapachhapi is undoubtedly the best Marathi horror film made till date. It has everything that is needed by a horror film. The pace is perfect creating the right amount of curiosity especially in the first hour. Initially the film is quite slow but the background score and proper camera angles makes Lapachhapi an interesting watch. 

Story of Lapachhapi is not novel at all but what makes it good is that it has been very long we have seen something like this even on TV. You predict things in story and they turn out to be true but many a time you predict certain events like closing of a door or seeing some scary in background, there director Vishal Furia is a step ahead. He excellently makes this ordinary horror fare an extraordinary one. The way he keeps you hooked throughout the film is pure genius. The reasons for which things happen in the film sound ridiculous but you dont mind believing them while watching the film. It is the perfect horror story we would like to hear at night just before the sleep that will keep us awake the entire night. Lapachhapi works majorly because of Vishal Furia’s execution. More than horror quotient it is the curiosity levels that make the movie thoroughly enjoyable.

Performance wise the two ladies in the film; Pooja Sawant and Usha Naik are the soul of the film. Pooja plays her part perfect to the T but it is Usha Naik whose even the simplest look in the frame gives you those chills. Vikram Gaikwad and Anil Gawas barely have anything to do in the film. Ghosts in the film have performed well too especially the kid. The film revolves around a house surrounded by sugarcane farm so apart from these two things you see nothing else in the film. Chandan Kowli captures the right frames literally making you feel like living in that place for those two hours. The film requires no music as such but the background score is rightly done.

Overall Lapachhapi is a must watch irrespective of your choice of cinema. This one will leave you happily scared. Trust me you won’t regret watching this one. Absolutely recommended.

Rating: 3.5/5


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