So finally after waiting for no one knows how many years Jagga Jasoos has hit the silver screen. After hearing and reading countless stories regarding how the film has been shot over and over again the overall consequences of that are not that good but the overall film has turned out to be quite a satisfying experience.

Jagga Jasoos needs no Byomkesh brain to figure out the story but what is interesting is that whether there is just one story in the film. If yes then how it has been broken into interesting pieces making the movie a special one. Jagga Jasoos has more than one factors making it one of its kind film and these factors are both good and bad. The story has been stretched like a bubble gum with too many subplots sometimes making you think a lot. At times the story keeps on going back which seems unnecessary at some point but otherwise very interesting. The narrative of Jagga Jasoos is like never before in Hindi cinema. First half has minimum dialogues and trust me it is an altogether different experience hearing to what the characters are singing and not just saying. If Anurag Basu thought that repeating the same in second half will spoil the fun in the film then he was absolutely right. Second half is more of an adventurous trip and less of the lyrical dialogues. Mr. Basu has got this balance just perfect. 

The treatment of Jagga Jasoos is the soul of the film. From gripping narrative to eye pleasing frames to curious climax. Here Jagga Jasoos just wins your heart. It is Anurag Basu’s innovative execution that makes the simple story look very different. Almost throughout the film you get a feeling of seeing something magical. Basu’s idea of travelling from one frame to another especially in the first half is sheer brilliance. His efforts to make something never seen before in Hindi cinema are commendable. Not many but at quite a few places the film reminds you of Barfi but Anurag Basu makes up for this forgivable tiny mistake. So overall it is none other than Anurag Basu who deserves all the praise and credits for whatever Jagga Jasoos has turned out to be. We need to appreciate him just for one thing that he has not disappointed the audience with the long wait.

Jagga Jasoos keeps you engaged in the film so much that you do not bother to care about anything else and that also includes Ranbir Kapoor’s performance. Ranbir Kapoor has been simply outstanding in his recent films. Jagga Jasoos is no different just that he does not grabs your attention like he did in Barfi, Rockstar or Tamasha. He is good and his fans will be happy. It is better not to talk about Katrina Kaif’s acting skills. She gave me some hopes from Fitoor and Baar Baar Dekho but she again gives a forgettable act in Jagga Jasoos. Saswata Chatterjee is very good but misses creating a powerful impact and same goes for Saurabh Shukla. The five second special appearance of an actor liked by all and hated by none gives you the perfect surprise expression leaving you happy and smiling.

Music in the film is very very good. Pritam has done an exceptional job by understanding the film and composing accordingly. The film is a musical which we haven’t seen for a long time in Hindi cinema. Galti se Mistake being a unanimous favourite stands out in the entire album. Background score is brilliant especially in second half adding more life to the ongoing adventure in the film. There is lots of VFX in the film and it has not been perfectly done. At times it even makes you unhappy, if the film is so VFX heavy better do it nicely. Editing is a major issue. Film seems stretched at many places. No doubt Anurag Basu does not test your patience but you will surely feel that the film could have been little shorter. Film is shot at some mesmerising locations and production design is beautifully done.

Overall Jagga Jasoos is an altogether different experience. It needs to be watched once just for that. I recommend this one as an unapologetic one time watch.

Rating: 3/5 


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