Honestly speaking, Mom is strictly mediocre. Few months back a film named Maatr had released and it starred Raveena Tandon. Mom has the exact same story just that the subplots are different, there are more characters in Mom and the treatment of the film is very different. Both the films are set in Delhi but Mom looks much posh. In fact first half of Mom reminds you of Maatr at almost every second scene. If you have watched Maatr then Mom will ne disappointing for you.

First half of Mom offers nothing at all, the pace of the film is unnecessary slow. Film takes little more than an hour for something which could have been explained in around thirty minutes. Mom tries to establish relation between Sridevi and Sajal Ali in first half but nothing much happens. Sajal Ali is raped and Sridevi is out to take the revenge after losing the case in court. Second half of the film has some substance in it. Even though the writing is not that good some exceptionally great moments in the second half. Some are writing genius while some direction. Second half mamages to grab your attention till the end of the film. Climax could have been bit longer, a small narrative by Sridevi about her bond with Sajal could have helped a lot. 

Sridevi is stunning. For her the role of a mother is not difficult but here she gets slapped and kicked by the antagonist and she is exceptional in those scenes. She beautifully portrays understanding hatered from her daughter. In so many scenes she weeps terribly leaving you teary eyed. Sridevi is fantastic. Sajal Ali is perfectly casted. She gets every nuance of a teenager right and that makes her performance a robust one. By now even the dictionary falls short of words to praise Nawazuddin Siddiqui. He is just phenomenal. Akshaye Khanna in his limited screen space makes you happy especially the 90’s generation as we rarely get to see him on big screen. Adnan Siddiqui as Sridevi’s husband is fab. Abhimanyu Singh and Pitobash are in their badass element. Performance wise Mom does not disappoint you at all.

Ravi Udyawar just got lucky with his first film. Sridevi as the lead and such great buzz about the film during its release. His direction skills are not killer but yea few scenes are noteworthy. Editing of the film could have been much better. Pace of the film is problematic, too much of unrequired footage in first half. Film has been shot at some interesting locations, they are eye pleasing. It comes as a shock to see A.R. Rahman’s name as the composer of the film. Just one song with his vocals that makes a good impression. Other songs make you wonder if they are songs or background score.

Overall Mom is strictly average. The film can be enjoyed on TV but think twice before going to cinema hall to see this one. Half point extra for those great moments in second half.

Rating: 2.5/5


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