Sometimes a very simple story makes you feel so good that you end up being in love with that story knowing it is not that exceptional. This story can be anybody’s story or something you have heard about and if nothing else you must have surely seen it in some TV series. Hrudayantar is one such simple story made with lots and lots of dedication and honesty. You can almost predict every single turn of event in the story but what matters is how involved you are in it and thats exactly what Vikram Phadnis does with Hrudayantar. 

The trailer of the film almost tells what the film is about and what to expect from it but what it does not gives out is the beautiful emotional journey of a family. The film wins big time for those tiny moments that strike the right emotional chord. Film perfectly portrays a picture perfect family where happiness is a daily struggle and some turn of events that bring the family closer making them realize value of each other and more importantly value of time of their loved ones.

Hrudayantar has turned out to be a good film it has been because of its actors and the director’s excellent command over his execution and not making it just another family drama. Subodh Bhave is outstanding. This particular role could have been a cakewalk for him but he has effortlessly played a man who has no time for his family and then changing his priorities over time. Mukta Barve can nail every single role. She is phenomenal as a mother for whom her daughters are her world at the same time understanding her husband who has no time for her. She perfectly emotes the feeling of a mother in a scene where she breaks down knowing about her daughters illness. Subodh Bhave and Mukta Barve are the life of Hrudayantar. Trushnika Shinde and Nishtha Vaidya surprise you with their act. Both these girls give a tough fight to their parents as far as performances are concerned. The supporting cast which includes Sonali Khare, Meena Naik fits the bill, they may not be exceptional but are extremely good. Hrithik Roshan’s special appearance is like any other appearance, does not create any fireworks and that does not matter to you nor does it affect the film in any way.

Vikram Phadnis makes the perfect fit in direction. He comes out as a winner due to the relevance of the story and its right execution. Not a single scene has too much of drama else a first time director for such an emotion heavy script could have gone terribly wrong with too much of melodrama with over the top reactions of the actors. Vikram Phadnis knows his story amd its requirements. Praful Karlekar’s compositions may not find any place in your favourite playlist but the songs work well for the film. All of them are rightly placed. Background score of the film is very good. It literally adds the required intensity for a scene. Editing of the film is just up to the mark. Slight carelessness and the film could have been affected. Rohini Ninave’s dialogues is the heart of Hrudayantar especially the ones in Mukta Barve’s narration. The other departments like the costumes, production design were rightly done. They dont require much attention.

Overall Hrudayantar is the perfect feel good film. The story will be relevant till the existence of humans on this planet. It gives out a very strong message in the best possible way. Does it cost a life of your loved one to make you realize thier and others importance in your life. I am highly impressed by this Vikram Phadnis’ directorial venture. I recommend it. Half point extra for that awesome feeling I had while watching the film and also after it got over.

Rating: 3.5/5


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