Tubelight like the actual tube light keeps flickering. Whereas the actual one at least assure you light after the flicker of few seconds but this Tubelight shows no hope of light even after good hundred and thirty six minutes. Sadly, Tubelight has turned out to be a disappointment and a colossal one if you had sky high expectations from it.

Tubelight starts off brilliantly with Salman Khan introducing us to his village (Jagatpur) and narrating us his childhood, we can literally feel the innocence of his character and within no time you fall in love with his voice and the character. This narrative in the beginning is the best way to introduce Salman Khan as Laxman Singh Bisht. Film starts with the story of two brothers and you enjoy every bit of their brotherhood. Kabir Khan gets every emotion of the bond bang on making the story a pure delight. You are sure that you are going to see a sweet story of two brothers; enter Shahrukh Khan in a special appearance and things starts turning against the film. Kabir somehow looses his grip on the original story. Here on the film keeps on moving between war field and Jagatpur. This transition between two situation does not quite work well. Even though the two scenarios in the film are connected but that connection is missing in the execution. Many a time when the film suddenly goes into war field from the village you think there are two parallel stories going on. Seems like Kabir tries to say too many things, film keeps on switching between brotherhood, peace and harmony among the countries and self-belief. Yakeen is heard so many times in the film that overdose is an understatement to describe it. Wish Kabir had some yakeen about his audience’s preference. There is gandhigiri in the film in the most preachy way. We really don’t need any film on gandhigiri, Lagey Raho Munnabhai is still fresh in our memories and will continue to remain so for much longer time. If noticed properly there is no problem at all with the story of Tubelight, problem lies in Kabir Khan’s execution. He tried to do things commercially and forgets to add his special touch to this one.

Salman Khan is innocent AF in Tubelight. This is the character where you feel like saying you do not see Salman Khan anywhere in the film. It is the character of Laxman Singh Bisht he has portrayed with so much of honesty and dedication. Time has arrived to appreciate Salman Khan for his acting capabilities and not just his star power. Sohail Khan supports well, that’s all about his act. Om Puri is brilliant as always. Actors like Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub, Brijendra Kala, Yashpal Sharma seems like a good talent gone waste. Zhu Zhu and Martin Ray Tangu play their parts well. Performance wise it is Salman Khan who steals the show.

Compositions of Pritam Chakraborty work perfectly well with the film. Their placement in the film is very sensible. Amitabh Bhattacharya and Kausar Munir’s lyrics make the presence of every single song strong. Every song is like a need of the situation. Background score of the film isn’t that great. It felt like there is just one theme music which is played throughout the film. Aseem Mishra captures the mountains, the small town, the rivers, wars, camps, trees and every other thing flawlessly. Tubelight is visually stunning. Production design and costumes add more authenticity. Rameshwar Bhagat’s editing is a problem in the film. Last twenty minutes of the film test your patience. Other wise also it is one of the biggest reason for Tubelight not turning out to be a good film despite having an interesting story and a director like Kabir Khan. VFX in the film are not that great. The do make the film look a little unreal.

Overall Tubelight is watch it at your own risk. The film is not that bad but it is not even that good to remove some time to watch. Some things work in the film and many don’t. Tubelight does not satisfy completely and that makes me hesitate while recommending it. Half star extra for Salman’s innocence in the film.

Rating: 2.5/5


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