With a title like Bank Chor you know there is nothing much one can expect from the film. You need not be a genius to figure out that the film is about bank robbery.

Bank Chor tries to be humorous but manages just a few smiles in the first half. It is hard to laugh on the jokes already enjoyed in the trailer. The writing is honest but the concept is such the nothing much can be done about this not so exciting plot. First half of the film offers nothing at all, not even gives any hope for the second half. It just introduces the characters in the film in a least interesting way. By the time its interval you already regret your decision to watch Bank Chor. There isn’t any surprise in the second half but with ordinary twists and turns you are satisfied to an extent. Bumpy has decently managed to grab you attention in the second half. Its not that you are curious about the climax but enjoy it with the flow.

Bank Chor had fairly decent performances. Riteish Deshmukh is in his regular element. Nothing exceptional or surprising act from him. Vivek Oberoi did justice to his role. Rhea Chakravarthy is sweet her role also did not demand any kind of break through performance from her. Sahil Vaid is an interesting character in the film. Its good to see him as a bad guy. His performance is genuine. Rest of the supporting cast is simply good.

Direction of Bumpy is fairly good. He tries by taking the film out of bank for sometime with political speech session and corporate offices. Film has no songs. Background score is good enough to make you sit through the film.

Bank Chor can be easily missed but there is no harm watching it only if you have two hours to kill.

Rating: 2/5


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