There are various ways in which G Kutta Se can be termed or categorized. Reflection of the society, reality we all know but do not want to talk about it, does not matter how well we progress as a country but when it comes to our root we remain regressive, women do not get as much freedom as a man be it in terms of love or living their own life etc etc etc.

G Kutta Se is a hard-hitting story of the humiliations faced by women in small towns. Film revolves around three woman. Preeti (Rashmi Somvanshi) is unhappy with her husband and decides to elope with her husbands employee who she thinks love her. Kiran (Neha Chauhan) has all the support from her mother to live life the way she wants to but she never realized that falling in love will be so troublesome for her. Diksha (Vibha Tyagi) a young innocent girl who gets trapped in MMS scandal leading to an unfortunate death. Vijender (Rajveer Singh) is the common connection in all the three stories and the connect is mind blowing, Kidnaps one, loves one and cares for the other.

Rahul Dahiya beautifully tells a story or stories that we all need to know. The film is one way gives you the much required reality check which will be relevant for decades till the time our Indian mindset does not become progressive. How can one’s parent kill their own daughter for something she is not responsible. How can a grandmother plan a murder of her own granddaughter just for falling in love with a guy. With these heart breaking facts G Kutta Se also portray women strongly with a mother who fights against her husband and mother-in-law for her daughter. An innocent school going girl who dies before she could even see the real dark world, a helpless woman who realizes her mistakes just in time and a brother-sister bond which is beyond an explanation. More importantly the film makes it point without being preachy even for a second.

The writing of G Kutta Se is flawless. Rahul Dahiya has perfectly got the essence of regressive mindset in his story, making the film so so real and easy to connect with irrespective of which part of the world you belong to. His direction is superb. He brilliantly captures the small lanes of small towns, the fields, the houses, lakes, grocery stores, the killing shots, the molestation shots etc all look so perfect. He manages to get the perfect emotions from his actors. Neha Chauhan single handedly wins your heart with her bold and strong performance. The scene where she is beaten by cops on the street and the silence she maintains when her mother cries for her are a performance genius. She is head strong but her society is a huge obstacle for her to live life on her own terms. Rajveer Singh has a very complex character with too many variations in it. He kidnaps and loots people with his friends, is secretly in love with cousin of his age and cares immensely for his other young cousin. He plays his part perfect to the T. Rashmi Somvanshi creates an impact with her performance in her limited screen time. Nitin Pandit has a small part and he plays it convincingly. Parth Sharma and Sandeep Goyat play their parts well. Performance wise G Kutta Se deserves full marks. The movie is brilliantly shot and locations play a huge part in making the film look perfect. Film has just one song but the lack of songs does not affect the film in any manner. Background score is rightly done.

Overall G Kutta Se is sensitive and hard hitting. It deserves to be seen for the story Rahul Dahiya wants to tell us and he has told it in the best possible way. This one is strongly recommended.

Rating: 4/5



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