Love stories have always been cliched in Hindi cinema. Some directors manage to pull off the most ordinary love story satisfying the audience and some fail in trying to make the story innovative. Raabta is unfortunately the later case.

Raabta starts off brilliantly with the typical girl meets boy romance. Since it is a foreign location, things are modern like one night stand, introducing your partner to your parents on a video call, exploring a different phase in a relationship with a circumstantial break up etc. You know all this is not new yet Dinesh Vijan manages to keeps you hooked and you enjoy this sweet romantic tale. Even the interval scene makes you look forward to the second half. Second half has another different story in some BC. The story is short in duration but it is one full boring story. It spoils everything in the film, even though the story ends on a pretty decent note. The connection between these two stories is lame beyond our imagination but it is convincing because there is no other way and Hindi cinema gives you liberty to fool the audience with anything. Towards the climax Dinesh Vijan tries very hard to bring the charm of the first half but we are bored to death by then.

Raabta has surely not lived up to our expectations but the film surely has some good things in it. Performances in the film are amazing. Sushant Singh Rajput redefines a typical Hindi cinema lover boy in his own way. He has added his own touch to his act and it works big time. He is a sheer delight in Raabta. Kriti Sanon is equally good. Even though she reminds us of Deepika Padukone throughout her act she is quite impressive. Jim Sarbh is out of this world. His character his difficult to believe in because he is not the typical villain but has acted very well. All these primary characters have done a great job in contemporary world as well as in the ancient world. It is different in both the places. 

Jam8 has done a fairly good job with compositions. Sachin-Jigar managed to give the right background score to the film. Locations are not novel but beautiful and work well with the film. Dinesh Vijan has done a fairly good job with direction. He has played very safe. 

Overall Raabta is for those who enjoy anything and everything in romantic films in Hindi Cinema. Even then there are chances of boredom and disappointment. Raabta works in bits and parts but thats not enough.

Rating: 2/5 


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