Slice of life films are easy to make but very difficult to ensure that audience will surely enjoy them. The entire film is spoiled if it looses its plot even for a moment. Varun Narvekar beautifully balances between the authenticity of the real world and the imaginary world of cinema.

Muramba starts off with chuktay song where Amey Wagh is in his character right from the start. Cut to Amey and Mithila have already broken up and surprisingly Muramba is just a one day story. Film uses flashbacks in the best possible way. You need a few seconds to realize that its a flashback. Muramba has loads of sweet moments which all of us enjoy in our daily lives hence it is very easy to connect with them. Varun says a lot of conventional and philosophical things in the most subtle manner. The intensity with which one can relate to Muramba is extremely high and that is the biggest strength of the film. Conversations with the entire family or between father and son or the ones that are had just after break up. The essence in these scenes is very pure. Muramba also goes on to give you a few life lessons in the best possible way. At many places the film creates a lump in your throat. The only problem with the film is its typical, cliched and conventional climax. Something different like its plot would have been more enjoyable. 

Varun Narvekar creates an apt atmosphere in the film. The family in the film is very much like your family, the equation of Amey and Mithila is portrayed with utmost honesty. Transition from present to flashback is simply superb. Varun has managed to do simplest of the things differently making the film a delightful watch. Amey Wagh is top notch. The way he emotes every single situation will make you fall for his act. He does not looses his character in a single frame even if he is just in the background. Sachin Khedekar has played a father in most of his films and this one is nothing different. Yet he creates an impact with his performance and is so adorable that everyone would want a father like him. Mithila Palkar is a surprise package. She is a one of its kind revelation. Her character is very strong and she does complete justice to it. She is mature, obedient and takes care of the people who mean a lot to her along with living life on her own terms. It is an unmatched joy to watch Chinmayee Sumeet on the big screen considering that she rarely appears on silver screen. She has literally nailed it with her performance. Every other actor is superb but she is way above them. Flawless, brilliant and superb are understatement for her performance. She has literally lived her character. When she is not talking she speaks through her expressions with much ease.

Music in the film is limited and that works well for the film. Editing of the film is pitch perfect with not a single frame wasted. Cinematography is done right. The entire look and feel of the film is superbly done. The colour palette is bright in happy moments and becomes a bit dull in sad moments of the film. 

Muramba is for everyone. It has plenty humour and equal amount of seriousness as well. This one is a prefect family film. Strongly recommended.

Rating: 3.5/5 


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