Hindi cinema viewers by now are introduced to this new genre called Chetan Bahgat book. After unsuccessful Hello and successful Kai Po Che, 2 States and 3 Idiots his book Half Girlfriend is on silver screen with the same name. Now I think Chetan Bhagat names his novel that will suit a Hindi film. If you have read Half Girlfriend then watch Half Girlfriend at your own risk considering there is nothing earth shattering in the story. If you have not read Half Girlfriend then watching Half Girlfriend is not a bad choice. Agreed that the novel itself is not that exciting but we can trust Mohit Suri to not make a fool of us. So Half Girlfriend works fully because of Mohit Suri.

Half Girlfriend is a typical girl meets boy, love at first sight, family’s disapproval and then after lots of struggle living together happily ever after. Story starts from junior college and goes on for good four to five years. Every single thing that happens int he film is something we have seen in almost every love story made in Hindi. But here it is Mohit Suri’s strong control over the mediocre story of Chetan Bhagat, melodious music numbers made by half a dozen of composers and a genuine performance of Arjun Kapoor. All these factors do not disappoint you, even I was surprised when I was satisfied with the film by the end of it.

Mohit Suri knows how to make a good film and more importantly he knows his audience very well. Result of that is, Half Girlfriend turning out to be a decent film. He has  a great sense of music that all the songs in his film turn out to be so popular. So Mohit Suri knows what works and he makes only that. He brings out an honest performance from his actors if not the best performance. From trailers of the film Arjun Kapoor looked so unconvincing with the Bihari accent. Right from his first shot he leaves you are amazed with his act. He has got the accent right, emotes beautifully but he still needs to work a bit on his straight face expression which we see in all his films. Shraddha Kapoor looks sweet and her performance is as sweet as her looks. I highly doubt if I will ever write anything else for Shraddha’s performance ever till she is in movies. Vikrant Massey is brilliant in the film. He has like ten scenes out of which he has dialogues in five of them and he nails it there. It will be very interesting to see him doing a lead role. Seema Biswas is an acting legend so her performance is bound to be awesome. Rhea Chakraborty is surprisingly  amazing in her very short appearance.

Many a times in the film you are about to get exhausted with its monotony but Mohit Suri makes sure that it does not happen. Editing of the film plays a very important role in making the audience sit through the film. Overall Half Girlfriend is half good but not fully bad.Can be watched once without any hesitation.

Rating: 2.5/5


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