It is not that Hindi Cinema does not make films like Hindi Medium. In fact films like Hindi Medium restore faith of the nation in Hindi cinema. It may sound  proverbial but, content is the king! And Hindi Medium brilliantly proves it!

Zeenat Lakhani and Saket Chaudhary have come up with a story which is a sort of crisis in our nation. It also gives us that dark image of our society where we have divided the rich and the poor. The main issue of education discussed in the film bravely puts some light on the loopholes in our education system and how the simplest thing of getting your kid admitted in the school is a nightmare to many. The writers and the director Saket Chaudhary deserves an applaud for making such a delightful film on these important issues. Dialogues of Amitosh Nagpal are serious at times but lighthearted and funny otherwise. They are repetitive in some cases rather one case but that just adds more humor to the film.

Hindi Medium confuses you a lot in one aspect of the film and that is performances. Not a single actor has delivered a performance which is anything below flawless or outstanding irrespective of how long or short is the screen time of the actor. It is stupidity to doubt the talent of Irrfan Khan. His presence in the film works big time in making the film worth a watch. He is class apart as always. Newcomer Saba Qamar is highly impressive because she makes sure that her performance does not gets overshadowed by Irrfan even in a single shot. Sanjay Suri and Neha Dhupia makes two scene appearance and they are just perfect. Tillotima Shome is a surprise package if you have seen her previous work if not then she is just fabulous. The elite touch she has given to her performance makes it so much more fun. Deepak Dobriyal has limited screen time but he creates a great impact with his powerful performance. Amrita Singh just suits the part and she does it right, nothing exceptional about her performance. Overall performances of Hindi Medium is the strongest factor of the film. Must say that Honey Trehan’s casting is top notch.

Editing of the film is amazing. There is so much happening in the film in hundred and thirty three minutes but your interest from the film does not drop even for a second. The pace of the film is not fast or slow but it is just right. Costumes needs a special mention considering the overall story of the film. Veera Kapur has done a splendid job on costumes, it adds so much more life to the character. For the same reason Mustafa Stationwala’s production design deserves appreciation. Cinematography of Laxman Utekar captures every singe moment perfectly giving the entire film the perfect look and feel. Music in the film takes a back seat. Songs in Hindi Medium are genuinely need of the story. They may not be chart busters but suffice the film without dropping the entertainment quotient of the film.

Hindi Medium deserves to be watched mainly for its important concept. Even though it is humorously presented but the film has right amount of emotions bringing little tears in your eyes. Film gives convincing solutions to the problems and it wins you there. The climax speech of Irrfan Khan is a bit preachy but there is no other way to end the film also film becomes a tad bit predictable because of the trailer but these tiny things can be easily forgiven. I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Overall Hindi Medium is a must watch.

Rating: 4/5


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