Some films are misleadingly beautiful; their promo promise something, title give us different expectations and posters are nowhere close to the actual film. Yet such films turn out to be highly satisfying giving us a full and proper dose of entertainment. Comrade In America is one such film.

Comrade In America is little bit of everything. It’s a story of a young comrade who falls in love and than the film concentrates on his journey of searching his love. Throughout the film Amal Neerad has successfully maintained a great balance between Dulquer as a comrade and an honest true lover. Nowhere you feel that the film has two different plots in fact the political aspect in the film just serves as a backdrop to develop the character of the protagonist. The first half of the film is a bit uneven with lots of support of flashback to establish your mood for an interesting second half. It does not offer you anything new or unique and makes you feels want something more but it sails through and more importantly avoids any kind of disappointment. Second half is very conventional where a lover is on his way to get his love but the actual substance of Comrade In America is in it’s second half. The excitement level here is way beyond our imagination. The journey of Dulquer is full of thrills, it literally makes you feel like having such a journey at least once in your life. Amal Neerad makes you travel with all the characters involved in this journey. The climax is a subtle shock. By the end of the film you are happy for Aji Mathew (Dulquer Salmaan) and yourself for seeing such a sweet film.

Dulquer Salmaan is the life of Comrade In America. He is simply outstanding. There is not much scope for him to come out as a great or exceptional performer but Dulquer carries his charm making you adore him. No doubt with every passing film Dulquer’s fan following must be increasing. Both the girls Chandini Sreedharan and Karthika Muraleedharan have limited roles but they do justice to their characters even if it means getting hatred from the audience for your act, such is their conviction. The parents of Dulquer in the film are very cute, you feel like having parents like them who are so understanding. Soubin Sahir, Dileesh Pothan and John Vijay with their interesting presence make the film even more enjoyable. Jinu Joseph’s small presence is like a cherry on the cake, tiny yet adds that finishing touch. Performance wise Comrade In America is all Dulquer but the remaining cast is quite impressive.

Amal Neerad wins you with Comrade In America for making a conventional love story an interesting experience for life. He beautifully captures family bond be it a scene which disappears within a blink, a life changing experience with strangers, making a dear friend in a new country, that special bond with your cousin or a heartbreak. Shibin Francis’ writing is dodgy in first half but is gripping and feel good in the second half. Compared to overall cinematography in Malayalam cinema Vinay Ranadive lacked that spark. Film was eye pleasing in bits and pieces which in very rare in Malayalam films. Gopi Sundar was strictly above average with his compositions. Praven Prabhakar was commendable with edit. Deserves a lot of credit for making the film such an enjoyable fare. Limited action in the film but very well designed and performed.

Overall Comrade In America is worth a watch. If nothing else it is a sweet experience in itself. Dulquer is a reason good enough to watch the film but then there is more than just him in the film to make you happy. I recommend this one.

Rating: 3.25/5



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