Niki Caro has done a commendable job with The Zookeeper’s Wife of converting the book into a film. She is simply phenomenal when it comes to creating the right mood, look and feel of the film, connecting with the characters and above all making the film highly engaging by keeping it subtle as possible. The narrative keeps you engrossed throughout the film, turn of events takes place at proper interval, the twists and turns in the film are no fireworks but manage to raise your eyebrows quite a few times. Most important thing in The Zookeeper’s Wife is that you are constantly with the characters and you feel their emotions and pity at times for the situation they are dealing with. All this makes The Zookeeper’s Wife a worthy fare.

Jessica Chastain is the heart of the film. She easily manages to carry the entire film on her shoulder with her brilliant performance. She beautifully portrays humanity with her stellar act. Her performance is worth an applaud. Daniel Bruhl as the cunning man plays his part perfect to the T. He is sweetly evil most of the times but at the end of the he also shows his humane side. Johan Heldenbergh plays the perfect husband, jealous when required but most importantly responsible and caring all the time. Rest of the cast who have small and important parts shine in their roles making The Zookeeper’s Wife too good in performance department.

Niki Caro deserves all the praises on this planet for this film. The film has enough of drama, emotions, war field scenario and above all animals. She wins her audience by the way she connects with them. Rest of the aspects of the film are absolutely fantastic. Costumes and production design is perfectly and rightly done. Cinematography is beautiful, literally captures the essence of a scene. Even if you don’t understand sound you will notice the sound design of this film. It is just amazing. Editing deserves a special mention. The film being flat paced keeps you hooked throughout. It is a question whether all the scenes involving animals are CGI/VFX, if yes than hats off to the team. Exceptionally brilliant work done. Special effects in the explosions and fire scenes are effortlessly done.

Overall The Zookeeper’s Wife makes for a great watch. Going for it with no expectations at all will make your movie watching experience even more interesting.



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