Noor as the title suggests is the story of a woman named Noor. Agreed this is not some confidential fact about the film but sadly the film is about this girl named Noor. The question is are we really interested in knowing Noor. She is just like any other woman we see everyday in our neighbourhood or work place or college or wherever we go. What makes Noor special or stand out from others? The answer is nothing because we dont want to see someone whom we meet daily. Why waste so much of time and energy in making something that is of least interest.

Noor is a journalist and she hates her life and everything about herself. Nothing realistic about journalism comes out from the film. Ethics, not revealing sources, getting a story that will make career of Noor and her personal life which she barely enjoys; nothing comes out with the required prominence. The biggest problem with Noor is its extremely confusing writing and the misleading trailer. There is nothing worth looking forward to in the film. Noor just focuses on Sonakshi Sinha. Her life in the film is of least interest to audience and the story she decides to do; that track is half baked. Film has nothing novel in it and its hundred and sixteen minutes run time seems much longer than three hours. Above all the only thing that deserves appreciation is the honesty with which the film is made. Unfortunately the honest dedicated and genuine efforts invested in making the film does not help it in any way.

Sonakshi Sinha is extremely dedicated in giving a genuine performance in Noor. It is hard to digest the fact but yes it is difficult to find any flaws in her performance. But wait, didn’t she just had to be herself. Jokes apart she has given a pretty decent performance. Purab Kohli has a small part in the film but he is superb in it. My personal favourite performance in the film. Kanan Gill is purely wasted. Makes you wonder why he choose to do film when his fan following would have not been affected by his work on web. But he was much better than Tanmay Bhatt in Mr.X. Shibani Dandekar’s presence in the film is barely of any importance. Smita Tambe is brilliant in her act but she can sleepwalk through such roles. 

Sunhil Sippy chooses to tell the story which offers nothing new inspite of being different from the other conventional stories we have been seeing in Hindi Cinema. His direction is simple but fails to create any impact. Cinematography of the film is noteworthy. Mumbai has been captured perfectly. Its good to see Mumbai the way it is. Amaal Malik has done a good job with compositions just because the songs in the film are composed as per the requirement of the story and not with the intention to create chart busters just to make some more money. 

Even though Noor has been inspired by a novel the film kills your interest to read that novel if you love reading. The film could have been a sweet and simple story about a twenty eight year old women struggling with her life to find happines6 instead it turns out to be a boring fare. Did not enjoy Noor so would not recommend it.

Rating: 2/5


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