The first question that came to me after watching PA. Pandi is that; is there anything in movies that Dhanush cannot do? He is bloody good at everything, as a debut director he is quite impressive.Now I am waiting for Dhanush to explore other fields in film and I am sure he will excel there too.

PA. Pandi has a very ordinary story which we have seen before many times but what makes it special is the refreshing take of Dhanush to present it in a sweet manner. Story of a man who is an ex stunt master, whose son does not care enough about him, he loves his grandchildren the most, he is on a journey to find his first love and their story is the best thing in the film. The family bit in the film offers nothing at all so the first half of the film goes in just knowing Pandi more and more. At some point it becomes too much but Dhanush’s writing has some spark. He just keeps on revealing different sides of Pandi in the first half. Second half looks like an altogether different film but that does not bother you since that is the best part of the film. Here PA. Pandi goes into flashback with the cliched love story leading to separation. Coming back to today it is a pure delightful experience to see such a love story of old people. The film beautifully portrays the first true love, after watching the film everyone will wish to reunite with their first love like it happens in the film. While you are reaching the climax you are in for some more and are up for a typical filmy climax but Dhanush prefers a realistic take making it a bittersweet ending. It also leaves a genuine bright smile on you face making you go awww.

You literally fall in love with Raj Kiran’s performance. He is simply adorable in the film. He is someone whom we all have seen somewhere in our life be it films or reality. His performance is top notch, his character may not have enough shades but he plays his part brilliantly. Revathi surprises you with her mature and bold avatar. Her family is her priority but she does not think twice before enjoying every single moment with her first love whom she meets after decades. Raj Kiran and Revathi’s scenes is something to die for in the film. Dhanush as younger Pandi may not be exceptional but is surely fantastic. Madonna Sebastian is simply sweet to be precise. She plays her part well with most conviction. She is impressive. All the other supporting cast is good and Vidyullekha Raman adds good humor with her act.

Dhanush is impressive as an director, promising as a writer and simply good as an actor in PA. Pandi. R Velraj captures some brilliant shots during Pandi’s journey to find his love. It is good to see change of colour palette in flashbacks and then going into black and white for a while when the two lovers meet. Music of the film is nothing great but suits the film. Stunt Silva has managed to do a great job with stunts. Stunts in the film are noteworthy, they are the same yet they look different.

PA. Pandi may not offer anything new when it comes to story but it has a very strong emotional connect. This one is a feel good film and makes for a good watch. I recommend it as a one time watch without expecting much.

Rating: 3/5



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