When the same story is being told to the same audience, the storytelling needs to be unique. Most of us are somewhat aware about the tragic love story of Mirza-Sahiba. Mirza Juuliet is same story with a different take, but the take is not very interesting. The film has same characters boy, girl, her fiance, her brothers and obviously a tragic ending to the love story.

Mirza Juuliet is set in northern rural part of India so there is abusive language, guns and male dominance. Rajesh Ram Singh is telling us the story we know in his own style but the style is not new, maybe not for this story but for a Hindi film. We have seen plenty of love stories in Hindi cinema set in UP-Bihar and because of that Mirza Juuliet does not look different from them. Shanti Bhusan’s writing is decent. It is humorous at places and manage to crack you up a bit but that’s all about it. The chemistry of Darshan and Piaa is nowhere to be seen throughout the film even during the climax when they are about to die. Writing of the film looks half baked, it lacks depth.

Darshan Kumaar deserves better films. He has gives his best in Mirza Juuliet and is quite impressive. Pia Bajpai has given a decent performance. Good thing about her performance is that she got her character right. Chandan Roy Sanyal is gutsy, that’s only thing I could say about his act in Mirza Juuliet. Swanand Kirkire is the typical father. Priyanshu Chatterjee who romanced Aishwarya Rai a decade ago in a film is back but offeres nothing with his performance. Performance wise, everybody got the accent properly making their dialogues authentic but that’s all about it. When it comes to emoting none manages to impress you there. Rest everything in the film, be it direction, action, editing, music, cinematography etc just does not work to make Mirza Juliet a better film.

(Because of the attempt to tell the same old story with a different take)


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