Mukti Bhawan is a reality and not a happy go lucky, extra sugar coated candy floss film with everything hunky dory. Emotions are the same but not everyone feels them the same way when it comes to family. Yet, Shubhashish Bhutiani has beautifully managed to strike the right emotional chord with Mukti Bhawan. It is very difficult to feel happy when the film talks something about the most sad thing on the planet; death, Shubhashish does that with much ease. His style of story telling is subtle, straight and simple yet unique.

Firstly the story of Mukti Bhawan is very interesting. The plot of the film is innovative, makes you think a lot. The writing is very layered as far as emotions are concerned. Every person has a different meaning of salvation and Shubhashish has managed to portray as many of them with various characters in the film. He has great command over his execution and does not loose even a single emotion. More importantly they rightly reach the audience. I have two favorite moments in the film; first one being the emotional confrontation between Lalit Behl and Adil Hussian when Lalit thinks he is about to die and the second one is Palomi Ghosh reciting poem to Adil Hussain. Both these scenes are overloaded with emotions making your heart almost cry.

I literally have no words to describe how amazing Adil Hussain is in Mukti Bhawan. He has literally nailed this character of a frustrated employee, responsible husband, caring father and a doting son. It is extremely difficult to not love his performance in this one. His performance is simply outstanding. Geetanjali Kulkarni can do the impossible. She perfectly gets her charter right as wife, mother and daughter-in-law. It is amazing to see her perform even a comical scene with such seriousness. She has a unique way to express herself which is very difficult. Kudos to her for shining out in the cast with her stellar performance. You just want to see more of her in the films. Lalit Behl seems to be the perfect choice for Mukti Bhawan. So much dedication to bring out the character so well on screen. To be precise his performance is flawless. Palomi Ghosh nicely represents the mindset of contemporary young generation and her performance is apt. Navindra Behl, in a small role gives an highly impressive performance. Anil Rastogi is the humor quotient in the film, he has sort of owned his character making it his own. Overall the performances in Mukti Bhawan is one of the major highlight of the film. You will love all of them.

Shubhashish Bhutiani’s screenplay is a bit slow at places but the small turn of events like marriage of Palomi Ghosh which is a slight digression from the plot but it is fun. Dream sequence of Lalit Behl makes you skip a few heart beats. There is no doubt of Shubhashish’s direction being the finest for this story. The cinematography is note worthy. Banaras is captured in such a way that it literally takes you to that place. Production design of Avyakta Kapur deserves a special mention. The Mukti Bhawan created/designed by her is phenomenal. Lots of detailed research to make it look the way it is in the film. You actually end up noticing the production design which is quite rare for any film. Manas Mittal is excellent with the editing. Even though the film may feel a bit slow at times he knows how not to test the patience of the audience. Sound Design of the film is done with great finesse. Music by Tajdar Junaid is different. Really that is the word I could come up with for music. When you hear it in the film you shall know it.

Overall Mukti Bhawan is quality entertainment and a meaningful cinema. Watch it for the beautiful portrayal of those uncountable emotions we all go through in our life at some point. Somehow or the other, emotionally it is a story of everyone.

Rating: 3.5/5


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