Portraying a reality in cinema is an art in itself. Some manage to do it rightly while some struggle to do justice to the topic. Kavan has done it perfectly. Film deals with current scenario of Journalism industry. The film just could not have been any better.

It starts bang on giving us an insight about the present state of Journalism. It beautifully shows the approach of youth which may be hard to find in our day to day world. The film has a TV channel set up. Film deals with more of local news and reality shows. While watching Kavan you may not feel of watching something new but will surely feel of watching something very interesting. Unmasking the politician, smart mind of the protagonist, evil antagonist, actual reality behind the reality shows and the over enthusiastic youth of today ready to change the nation is all seen before in movies. Towards the end it does take the typical or conventional route to unravel things, you know good will win over evil yet the curiosity is kept intact by the makers. It is mostly the writing of the film that makes the film enjoyable. All credit goes to K.V. Anand.

Treatment of the film needs to be appreciated. The entire look and feel of the film is very genuine and that makes the movie noteworthy in terms of some technical aspects. Dream sequences in the film has just the protagonists in color and the rest in black and white, interesting way to show dreams. Locations are authentic. Cinematography captures every single frame perfectly creating the right atmosphere while watching the film. When the new office is refurbished it is refreshing to see that, great job done by production designer. Background score of the film may not be great but it makes the film engaging and that is what matters. I felt the music in the film to be unnecessary loud be it a romantic track or a celebration song. The songs are simply painful to the ears. Editing of Anthony Gonsalves is commendable. Film is hundred and sixty minutes, has the right pace and does not bore you even for a moment.

Kavan is not at all performance oriented film yet the entire cast of the film has given an impressive performance. Vijay Sethupathi wins your heart as the lead and Madonna Sebastian is excellent with him. Together they manage to bring out few but good moments in the film. Their little chemistry is simply adorable. T Rajendar gives a good dose of humor. Akashdeep Saigal and Bhavana suit well as the bad guys in the film. Vikranth, Chandini Tamilarasan, Jagan Puroshottam and Pandiarajan Rathnam are ordinarily impressive in their respective roles. Does not matter how big or small the role is it is always good to Nasser sir on the big screen.

Overall K.V.Anand makes Kavan worth a watch. It has every possible ingredient of a good enjoyable film. Worth recommending.

Rating: 3/5


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