Almost every true story that inspires one in some way or the other is a great story. Cinema is one of the best medium for such story to reach millions of people. The only way to do justice to the real story is the execution and to everyone’s surprise Rahul Bose gracefully reaches the peak of a mountain with his this directorial venture.

Poorna is a story of a thirteen year old girl who made history by being the youngest girl in the world to climb the Mount Everest. We have seen many inspiring films in the past that told us wonderful stories of some extraordinary people. It hardly matters if Poorna is among them, what matters the most is the brilliant story of Poorna written by Prashant Pandey. Its the story of Poorna that makes you happy the most by the end of the film. To describe in one word, the story of Poorna is inspiration at its best. A round of applause for Shreya Dev Verma for such simple and engaging screenplay. Film is to the point and does not loose its track even for a second. It does not have over the top melodrama or larger than life frames but the authenticity in the treatment of the film makes Poorna a film not to be missed.

Rahul Bose is phenomenal at direction with Poorna. He gets the essence of the story right and turns it into a beautiful film with his correct execution. Keeping things as real as possible be it locations, performances from the actors or the regular things in such film like difficulty to accomplish the mission is portrayed with much honesty. Its the execution of Rahul Bose that makes Poorna a film to watch out for. Shubransu Das’ cinematography is noteworthy. He beautifully captures interiors of Telangana. He makes things look real and authentic, helps a lot in overall treatment of the film. Manan Mehta’s editing is pitch perfect. Be it flashbacks or memories he has done everything right. Salim Sulaiman compositions of Poorna may not top the charts like their previous ones but they surely make it for the best. Wonderful compositions which suit the film aptly. Little VFX in the film but it is correctly done.

Rahul Bose has little scope to portray his acting talent as he excels as a director in this one. Best portions of his act would be him genuinely emoting his feelings for Poorna in the second half of the film. Heeba Shah and Dhritiman Chatterjee play their parts perfectly making the right impact especially Heeba Shah. Limited screen time but will be remembered for quite a long time after the film. Arif Zakaria, Gyanendra Tripathi, Harsh Vardhan and Manoj Kumar give an honest performance. The may not have a major part in the film but their parts are highly important. Aditi Inamdar as Poorna literally lives the character. She beautifully portrays her dedication, unsure attitude towards some decisions and most importantly her performance does not loose an innocence of a thirteen year old even in a single frame. She nails it in and as Poorna. The scene staler for me in the entire star cast is S Mariya as Priya. Her character is complex as there are various shades to it and goes through a lot in the film but she performs it effortlessly. Most and highly impressive performance in the entire film.

Overall Poorna is not a typical commercial song and dance film that will provide you wholesome entertainment. It is an important film that deserves to be seen to know about this incredible story of this young talent of our nation. I strongly recommend Poorna.

Rating: 3.5/5


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