One thing The Great Father will be highly appreciated for is its suspense element which is the life of the film. Once the suspense is revealed it does not create any fireworks yet you have no problem with it, all due to credit to Haneef Adeni for his stunning execution of a simple plot. Haneef superbly keeps you hooked till the last frame of the film and that works well with the audience.

The Great father in one line would be; a father finding his daughter’s rapist to kill him. Hearing this the and considering the film stars a mega star in it, the primary characters involved with the story would be father (Mammootty), mother (Sneha Prasanna) and daughter (Anikha). Haneef Adeni likes to do things differently and he has involved another character (Arya) who is also finding the same rapist. Both Mammootty and Arya meet at a very later stage in the film. The family track could have sufficed to make the film interesting but Arya’s track is harmless. These two tracks go parallel keeping you more occupied in the film, it is simply great to be so engrossed in the film.

Haneef Adeni’s direction is amazing. His camera angles are noteworthy. There is a top angle scene in the film where you see five people walking left to right they walk back, for few seconds the frame is still and then walks the gang of police. That still frame of few seconds make you think so much, it is a pure direction genius. The Great Father is more of such moments which makes you think a lot and that is most enjoyable about the film. Haneef raises your curiosity level as the film progresses and very few people can properly manage to keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the film. After direction it is the breathtaking cinematography of Roby Varghese Raj that adds more life to the film. Even though it it is the typical mountains and breeze, it is simply eye pleasing. The overall look of the film gives a different feel while watching it. Special mention to the art director Subhash Karun for that scary den of the joker. Editing of Noufal Abdullah is pitch perfect. Gopi Sundar’s compositions are apt to the film. The Santa song halts the film for no reason, it could have been easily avoided. Highly engaging sound design and background score makes the film more enjoyable. Action in the film is very well designed especially the climax fight where Mammootty is physically helpless for half of the sequence.

Anikha steals the show with her brilliant performance. You are left with no option but to applaud her flawless performance. She shines in the entire star cast. Megastar Mammootty has his own charm to impress you yet his emotions work big time. His portrayal of father in this one will make every girl want a father like him. Arya impresses you with his macho avatar. Rest of the cast fits the bill and perform their part well. As you are highly indulged in the suspense, performances struggle a bit to grab your attention.

The Great Father is indeed a great film. Enjoyed every bit of it, hence such high rating.

Rating: 4/5


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