Lyrics that goes like thoda giswa, aur ragadwa, ee daroga ki naliyaan mein zang lag gayi, poster showing Swara Bhaskar wearing skimpy clothes with raunchy look and the title of the film as Anaarkali Of Aarah; all these factors are more than enough  to make you think en number times before deciding to go watch this film. Anaarkali Of Aarah nicely proves the phrase never judge a book by its cover. In fact all these things go well with the film doing complete justice to it. Conventional story, power packed performances and strong direction makes Anaarkali Of Aarah worth a watch.

Trailer of Anaarkali Of Aarah gives you little insights about the film but there is lots more in it. Film starts on a simple note with too much of song and dance establishing the character of Anaarkali. The moment it becomes tad too much comes a great twist in the film and then the interest level just shoots up. The screenplay of the film has the spark to make the film engaging enough. Downfall of Anaarkali in the second half is ordinary and too much of flashbacks in the songs in second half could have been avoided but that does not bother you or spoil your interest. The best thing in the film is the brilliant portrayal of importance of consent. Told in the best possible way without being preachy. The emotional connect of the film is very high and your feelings for the characters are genuine.

Swara Bhaskar needs to be applauded for choosing films like these, first Nil Battey Sannata and now Anaarkali Of Aarah. She proves with her robust act that nobody else could have pulled off this character with so much ease. The film had enough scope for the character to have been played with lot of unnecessary drama and exaggeration but Swara keeps it subtle and real. The way she perfectly gets into the skin of the character is commendable. The scene where she is arrested is portraying humility/embarrassment at its best. Breakdown during the initial days after shifting to Delhi and the climax performance full of revenge is an act class apart. Sanjay Mishra is menacing and speaks a lot through his face with very little dialogues. The realization after the mistake he makes and the climax scene where tears roll down his face are the highlights of his performance. Pankaj Tripathi has a limited screen space but he shines in that. One character you would love to see more of in the film. There are scenes in the film where the actors could have added more drama but they perform it appropriately keeping it very real like a scene where Swara Bhaskar insults Sanjay Mishra in front of his team or the climax dance performance cum scene. All the performances are top notch, Avinash Das makes sure that nobody gets overshadowed by others.

Avinash Das is way too good as a director. Bringing out the best from his actors and telling a pretty simple story with much perfection is commendable. He makes sure that the film does not loose its essence even in a single scene. Every department is at its best form in every single frame. Rohit Sharma’s music is apt for the film. The songs in the film are not the ones we would have it on our iPod/MP3 or enjoy listening on the radio but as a part of the film they do complete justice to the film. Most of the songs have very weird lyrics. The album is a complete package with dhinchak and soft slow numbers. The locations add more life to the film and so does the costumes. Very well worked on making the film move more close to perfection. Editing and background score are rightly done.

Overall Anaarkali Of Aarah makes for a great and worth a watch. aur kisi ke liye na sahi, desh ke liye hii dekh leejiye ye film. You will understand this line only after you watch the film. Strongly recommend this one.

Rating: 3.5/5


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