There are typical commercial films with normal song and dance with a mass superstar in it, there are films that send out an important message, there are films that depict a part of our society, there are musicals, there are mythologies, there are war films, there are comical and then there is Kuttram 23. This film either has parts of all these film or nothing at all like them yet Kuttram 23 is one of its kind. The title may be misleading or confusing but is surely not wrong, film justifies it brilliantly. It is smartly titled.

Kuttram 23 is brilliant at its execution. The film is based on a novel and Arivazhagan’s execution has done complete justice to it. The movie watching experience is as thrilling as reading the novel, you get the right amount of chills. Arivazhagan has rightly included everything in the film right from humour to emotions to romance to family drama to action to suspense. With all these things he does not looses the track of the film even for a minute and that is where Kuttram 23 becomes a winner. The writing of the film is gripping making the movie an enjoyable fare. Film has quite a few subplots and too many characters but the presentation of the script is crystal clear it does not get you distracted at all. Kuttram 23 has a lot to do with medical industry but nowhere the essence of this suspense thriller is lost. Editing has been immensely helpful for the same by maintaining the right pace of the film. The film starts on an extremely high note right from its first scene and then there is no stopping for this thrilling ride.

Kuttram 23 does not have much scope for performances as such but all the actors have performed quite well doing justice to the story. Arun Vijay perfectly portrays his police officers act. He is emotional, caring family man, genuine lover and a dedicated officer. Mahima Nambiar perfectly cast as a girl living on her own terms, does not hesitate to speak against the loved ones of her lover and a typical modern girl who does not want to get into any kind of problems because of cops. The supporting cast of the film is quite big and each and everyone of them are brilliant in their parts. Kuttram 23 does not have typical lip sync songs, the background songs are situational and well composed. Background score may not grab your attention but is rightly made adding the right suspense amount in the film. Action in the film may not be designed extraordinarily but is thoroughly enjoyable. Same goes for the suspense in the film, may not be wow but is surely worth appreciating. The film is written in such a way that it makes you ready well in advance for fireworks but you are surely in for a surprise as and when thins began to unfold. Climax could have been better as the last half an hour of the film just makes you wants for more and the film ends in an unexpected way. Adding few minutes and making it a happy ending would have made us leave with smile.

Overall Kuttram 23 is a must watch irrespective of your taste for cinema. Go watch this one with no expectations and you will enjoy it even more also end up falling in love with this ordinary title as well. I highly recommend this one.

Rating: 3.5/5



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