Hindi films has a particular genre that consists of films with same old story, action, foreign location, avoidable performances and many more. Commando 2 is one such film. Commando which came four years back had a terrible story and its execution was equally terrible. Luckily if nothing else Commando 2 is at least engaging enough even though the film offers nothing new. The only thing that s constant in both the Commandos is Vidyut Jamwal. He may not be the soul of the film but surely he is the one to pull audience to the theaters and his physique is the proof of his dedication to stand out from the other contemporary actors in Hindi cinema.

Commando 2 is story of Vidyut Jamwal on a mission. It hardly matters what kind of mission it is as by the end of the film mission is accomplished. The twists and turns in the film are not new but when things are revealed in the film you do feel good. Deven Bhojani does manage to grab your attention most of the time knowing he is doing nothing different in this genre. Commando 2 being promoted as an action film hardly has any action. Good part being you do not miss action in the film as the film has lots happening and your mind is occupied with something or the other in the film. Film starts off with one action scene and the moment actors start to talk you just cant control cracking up, it is that bad. Gradually film sets the right pace and engages you forgetting about the performances and rest of the aspects of the film.

Commando 2 is made for those who enjoy films which are entertaining irrespective of anything, be it poor writing of the film, no music in it, weak love track and many more. Performance of all the actors is highly mediocre be it Vidyut Jamwal, Esha Gupta or Freddy Daruwala; none of these manage to leave any kind of impact. Adah Sharma comes as a surprise package and that is because of her character. She makes you laugh and it is always good to see her on screen. Good decision of the makers to have her throughout the film. Shefali Shah in her special appearance is quite good. Deven Bhojani’s direction is simply ordinary. Background score of the film manages to keep you hooked almost throughout the film. Locations are not new for a Hindi film. Rest everything is not worth the attention.

Commando 2 is not that bad nor is it worth investing time in it.

Rating: 2/5


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