Vishal Bhardwaj’s Rangoon has set its expectations sky high with its very intriguing trailer followed by an interesting album. It would be wrong to say that Rangoon did not live up to the expectations; put in some efforts to appreciate the hard work of the makers and you are in for a beautiful experience. The film may not have turned out the way you wanted it to be but it will surely please you provided you have some exceptionally classy taste in Hindi films.

Rangoon is unclear whether it is a love story as promised by the trailer and songs or a patriotic film which none of us expected as the film has both. Neither of its comes out with the much required prominence. The secret mission that takes place in the film which is revealed at a later stage completely hides the real essence of romance in the film. Writing of Rangoon is very loose, struggles a lot to hold you through the film even though it has the typical song and dance, some stellar performances and is shot in some scenic beauty. It does not have loopholes nor is it flawed but it is just lost. Story may lack novelty and screenplay the required grip but director’s intentions to create something different are clearly visible on screen. Vishal Bhardwaj is extremely cautious whether it is writing or the execution of the film, he seems to be lacking that confidence we saw in his previous films. He does manage to take some great shots, getting the best out of his actors and creating a perfect mood with his background score but somewhere misses the right mark to make Rangoon stand out.

Performances in the film are phenomenal but they do not grab your attention so easily considering all three protagonists are powerhouse of talent. Saif Ali Khan looses his spark due to his weak characterisation. He is great in the film but sadly his character isn’t as great as his performance. Shahid Kapoor is brilliant but after seeing him in Haider, Kaminey and Udta Punjab his act in Rangoon seems bland, he can definitely do much better. Kangana Ranaut manages to steal the show. She delivers a powerpacked performance with expressing so many emotions. You can literally feel her pain. Even though Vishal Bhardwaj brings out the best from all three of them but the weak writing is responsible for performances turning out to be below our expectations. Supporting cast is not even worth noticing.

Vishal Bhardwaj’s compositions are brilliant and Gulzar’s lyrics are poetic as always. The background score helps big time to make the film engaging enough, gives the finishing touch to a scene. Production design and costumes are two departments which required a lot of efforts to make the film look authentic and they have managed to impress you. The locations are a visual treat. VFX in the film is perfectly done. At some places it could have been better but overall it is well done. Editing of the film is not problematic as such but the pace of the film bothers you a lot.

Overall Rangoon is not that bad but too many expectations as per your wish may lead to a few disappointments. Good mood and little interest in the film will make it worthy for you. Rangoon dangles between okay to good but definitely leaves the classes satisfied.

Rating: 3/5


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