The Ghazi Attack is a simple straight forward film filled with adequate amount of patriotism in it. Film has a very simple narrative. The writing is one track, no flashbacks nor any twists and turns in it. Almost the entire film is shot in submarine, so no scenic locations nor beautifully decorated sets. The film has no songs. Film is male dominated with a special appearance of a female actor. All these things definitely does not make it for an ideal movie outing but The Ghazi Attack is worth a watch. Most of the times it keeps you hooked throughout. Another plus point of the film is that the screenplay may be loose initially but once it catches the right grip it does not give you chance to think anything else apart from the film itself.

Sankalp Reddy’s execution makes The Ghazi Attack works big time. Its his craft that has made the film look refreshing and also stand out up to an extent. The atmosphere he creates while watching the film is just amazing. He gives you chances to bite your nails and also clap and whistle at the same time. Even though the film roams in and around a submarine you are not bored even for a second seeing the submarine for two hours. The film sometimes become over dramatic which could be avoided but you can’t help that, especially Rana Dagubatti and Kay Kay Menon’s act. VFX in the filx may not be exceptional but it isn’t done badly. It is something that could have spoiled most of the film but it doesn’t. Would say it is rightly done. Sound design of the the film is noteworthy. Something that makes the film engaging. Background score isn’t as great as sound but its good enough to retain the essence of the scene. Film does not have a single song in it and you do not even realise that, songs were not at all required in the film. Editing also hardly has any scope since the film does not have any substance with which editor could play a little bit. Special mention to the ones who created submarines, if the film was shot in the real ones then hats off to Sankalp Reddy. He also makes sure that the authenticity of the entire look and feel of the film is not at all questioned. The Ghazi Attack is not performance heavy film so all the actors just do their job right doesn’t matter if it is good or not.

Overall The Ghazi Attack makes for a good watch. Its a decent entertainer. As far as the facts in the film are concerned you are least bothered about that. This one is highly enjoyable.

Rating: 3.25/5
Since three wont do justice.


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