We all know that love stories in films are same all over the world. Its the presentation of the story that makes it worth remembering. Running Shaadi is one such film, extremely fresh take on the cliched girl and boy romance. Even though you know what will happen next you still want to know how will things unfold. Amit Roy cleverly holds his audiences attention throughout. Film has quite a few loopholes questioning a lot in the film but you do not mind forgetting them and enjoying the film.

The trailer of Running Shaadi is pretty much what the film is all about. The only thing that trailer does not tell us is that, once the love track of Amit Sadh and Taapsee Pannu starts the Running Shaadi business is nowhere in the picture. Wonder how come Bharose does not get any calls for running shaadi, also the objection of the elder generation to this business is shown hastily. Inspite of these few prominent flaws, Running Shaadi is an enjoyable fare.

It is clearly visible that the film has been shot few years ago as Amit Sadh and Taapsee Pannu look slightly young in the film. Leaving that aside what matters is their stunning performances. Amit Sadh’s performance is very raw. Never seen him before like this, shy yet mature. Taapsee Pannu is also in a never seen before avatar. Its not that her character is great but she nails it with her performance, bold and dominant. Its a sheer delight to see both of their strong performances. Arsh Bajwa is perfect as a support to both of them. His presence in the film is refreshingly good. Brijendra Kala is another supporting actor whose act is noticeable. Performances in Running Shaadi are great, in fact they easily hide the loopholes in the film.

Amit Roy is great at his direction. He easily manages to grab your attention every single second in the film. Music in the film is quite good. Every song fits the situation and none of them seems forced. Background score of the film is interesting. Editing of the film is dodgy but strangely that does not bother you. Film is unnecessarily fast in the beginning and then catches the right pace. The entire look and film is just up to the mark. Not over the top nor is it under done.

Overall Running Shaadi is easily enjoyable. You will surely have a great time watching this one.

Rating: 3/5


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