Even though a horror film offers you nothing at all it is still gripping and you don’t mind watching the same things all over again even though you have seen then infinite number of times. Ezra is one such film. Predictable yet enjoyable. It hardly offers anything new. Typical horror film where a newlywed couple experience strange things, same ghosts, same formula to get rid of evil spirit, same priests and same climax.

Jay K struggles a lot to keep his audiences engaged in the first half. The film moves at a turtle speed offering nothing at all. The initial spooky portion in the film is little scary and gives us hopes to expect good scary moments but you get to see nothing. You are almost regretting by interval but second half spins the tables. Second half is obviously not innovative but screenplay becomes tight and flashback is gripping. Colour pallet of flashback is noteworthy. In second half Jay K’s execution becomes smart. The film becomes interesting even at a mediocre pace. Its not that you carve for more but you are satisfied with whatever you are provided. Towards the end you are somewhat happy with Ezra.

Jay K is quite impressive as a director. His work is worth appreciating. Sound design plays a very important role in making us sit through the film. Writing of the film lacks the spice. Performances had nothing to notice about. Music was pointless. All the songs seemed unnecessary except the first one. Editing could have been better. Quite a few things in the film could have been easily trimmed. So much focus on the love story of Prithviraj and Priya was not necessary. Few songs could have been chopped.

Ezra might be interesting for someone who has not seen anything in this genre else its better to stay away from this one. Prithviraj seems helpless in this one. He also couldn’t save the film.

Rating: 2/5


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