Chandrakant Kunlkarni is a master at portraying family relations on screen or on stage. The kind of essence his plays and films have is very rare to find in Marathi plays or films. The way you find yourself in his films is something that can be done only by Chandrakant Kulkarni. Dhyanimani is a family film but the approach towards the concept or plot of the film is interesting. There was play with same name few decades back but for people who have not seen the play; for them Dhyanimani is a heart touching fare.

Discussing story of Dhyanimani would be like giving too many spoilers. A lot depends on how this story is perceived, for some it may be childish, for some a story that lacks depth, for some way too far from reality but in spite of all these it is very interesting irrespective it was meant to be performed on stage or in front of the camera. Another good thing about the film is that not for a second the film gives you feel that it is a cinematic version of a play. While watching the film you are curious enough to know how the story must have been executed on stage. Unlike Chandrakant Kulkarni’s previous film Family Katta which looked like a play not being inspired from one, Dhyanimani does complete justice to a story as a film. One more strength of the film is it’s length; the duration of the film is just hundred minutes, unevenly broken into two half’s. First half of the film does not give much rather confuses you more. Interval point of the film changes everything in the film. Second half of the film is like coming to a conclusion. Story seems very simple but its the execution of Chandrakant Kulkarni and performance of the entire cast that makes Dhyanimani a film worth a watch.

Its a pleasure to see Mahesh Manjrekar is such a role. Slightly absent minded or mentally disturbed man who is dedicated to his profession and a caring husband. This particular character does not give much scope to Mahesh to perform but the maturity in his performance make his act noteworthy. Ashvni Bhave’s act is very caricature. She adds the not required drama making it look over the top. Emotions wise both of them delver a heartfelt performance. Abhijeet Khandkekar and Mrunmayee Deshpande support well. Film has very little music which works in the favour of the film. Background score is impressive enough to hold you through the film. The production value of the film is not that great, especially in the initial parts. Editing of the film is pitch perfect, not a single scene looks unnecessary. Above all Chandrakant Kulkarni; captain of the ship deserves all the appreciation and praises for the film.

Overall Dhyanimani is definitely worth a watch; if nothing else then for an interesting story.

Rating: 3.25/5


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