Singam 3 is what it is meant to be; fast paced and an action packed entertainer. Very basic story line not promising to be something never seen before, the film survives on its high end action sequences, the gripping screenplay and obviously Suriya.

Like the previous installments of Singam this one also is a story of a cop who is on a particular mission and ends up killing the antagonist proving the mission successful. Initial thirty to forty minutes of the film is time-pass with one good action scene which is the introduction of Suriya. Enter the main antagonist and the film moves at a jet speed. Here onward there is no looking back and for a second you don’t even feel the need of an interval. It is a typical action and chase sequences but yet you are hooked and are thoroughly enjoying the film because of the pace at which it moves ahead. This is where Singam 3 wins you, leaves you satisfied and makes it worth your time and money.

Suriya is good as always and his charm also works big time but in Singam 3 it felt like somewhere, something is lacking in his portrayal of this lovable cop. No doubt he is quite impressive in this one too. Anushka Shetty is a delight to watch. Limited screen time but is sweet and simple. Shruti Haasan’s character is on the lines of Hansika Motwani’s character from Singam 2. Shruti did quite good job but hard to see her play an immature girl. The entire lot of antagonists is just ordinary.

Hari seemed unprepared for Singam 3. Some of his shots remind you of previous Singams. He also takes support of scenes from there. Its good to see a slightly younger Singam and the old antagonists especially Prakash Raj but avoiding that could have helped Singam 3 become even more better. All the scenes from previous two installments add nothing to this one. It is like telling this one is same as the previous ones. Action in Singam 3 is top notch. It is very well designed and makes the scene thoroughly enjoyable. Background score in action sequences add more life to them. The remaining departments of the film like editing, cinematography, music are just not noteworthy.

Overall Singam 3 maybe a bit problematic if compared to its previous two installments but it is high on entertainment and you would not regret watching this one. I would recommend this one for however and whatever it is.

Rating: 3.5/5


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