It is very difficult to make a great edge of the seat thriller. Lakshman’s Bogan is excellent. The film starts off quite well with establishing the plot and by introducing the characters. Once we are familiar with the protagonists we are all set for an amazing joyride filled with great thrills. First half is a lot like an ordinary thriller with an interesting interval point. The beginning of the second half lets you down a bit by giving you the feel of predictable plot ahead but Lakshman surprises you by adding some brilliant twists and turns blowing your mind after every twenty minutes.

The biggest plus point of Bogan is performances of Jayam Ravi and Arvind Swamy. The top class performance delivered by them makes Bogan worth a watch. Both of them get to play good guy and the bad guy. It is very interesting to see when they switch their parts, their performances are par excellence. Hansika Motwani manages to impress you with her performance. The story of the film may not be very new but the screenplay is highly gripping. Music in the film is fairly good. More than the compositions the filming of the songs is noteworthy especially Damaalu Dumeelu and Senthora. The ones which play in the background makes the narrative more strong. Editing of the film is exceptional.

Bogan is one of those films which are very difficult to discuss in details considering every aspect of the film. This one may seem like any other thriller but it does stand out from them leaving you highly entertained. I loved Bogan and would strongly recommend it. The wait for it’s sequel has already begun.

Rating: 3.5/5



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