Hemant Dhome’s Baghtos Kay Mujra Kar is an interestingly fresh concept that gives out an important message. More importantly the message is not at all preachy and that is where the film wins you.

Baghtos Kay Mujra Kar is about preserving our culture by maintaining our prestigious monuments which are currently in a poor state and urgently needs a revamp. Nanasaheb, Pandurang and Shivraj decide to take the initiative to revamp the fort of Satara which is where they live. How they do that, the troubles and pain they take to do that is what Baghtos Kay Mujra Kar all about. Hemant Dhome has written the film exceptionally well. Not for a second the film loses its track nor does it has some unnecessary drama. The film is to the point keeping you hooked throughout. Hemant did not forget even for a second that he is writing a feature film so there is adequate amount of drama, emotions and humour.

Baghtos Kay Mujra Kar has turned out to become a Jitendra Joshi film. His performance is par excellence. He has got his character of Nanasaheb bang on. Not for a second he looses his grip from his character no matter what is the situation. You fall in love with his stellar performance. Aniket Vishwasrao is another gem of a performer in the film. His tapori act is perfectly done, not at all caricature. Most sane member of the lot. Akshay Tanksale adds good humour in the film. Unfortunately he does not get much scope to prove his acting caliber. His character lacks variation. Neha Joshi creates an impact with her performance with her limited presence. Rasika Sunil is sweet and surprising. Good to see her as an innocent wife. Prana Pethe is childish in the film and her movie buff avatar makes you smile every time she says a famous film dialogue. Hemant Dhome as an antagonist takes all of us by surprise. Right from his look to accent to manners he has got it all right. Secondary cast like Ashwini Kalsekar, Vikram Gokhale, Anant Jog make their presence felt with their powerful performance.

Hemant Dhome has done an impressive job with Baghtos Kay Mukra Kar. Must admit that he knows the craft of direction quite well. Cinematography of Milind Jog adds the realistic touch to the film. Editing of the film is just perfect. Background score of the film is quite impressive. It adds the much required feel to the scene. Music of the film is decent, it doesn’t do justice to the meaningful lyrics. The songs fit in the film and go with the flow but you fell it could have been better.

Overall Baghtos Kay Mujra Kar can be watched once without any hesitation. It is thoroughly entertaining.

Rating: 3/5


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