MR. & MR.

Mr. & Mr. is a brilliant adaption of Neil Simon’s The Odd Couple. Ashna Arya has done a superb job of adapting it perfectly. The play has a universal connect and that works big time. It easily appeals to everyone, more easily to those living in metropolitan cities considering the subject is easy form them to accept without any hesitation.

Mr. & Mr. is a tricky title for a play and sufficient enough to start the merry go round of questions in your mind. Once the play starts you hardly get time to think about these questions and you do nothing but enjoy it. First half of the play is more or less of establishing the plot and preparing you for the joyride in the second half. Second half has lots to offer and totally worth your time and money. The play is loaded with humor and you leave the theatre praising it and feeling happy about seeing it.

Akash Dhar creates a wonderful impression with his act. His character goes through a lot compared to the others but he plays this very patient man who looses out by the end of the play with much ease. Be it his scenes where he has a happy-go-lucky nature initially to his flirtatious nature to a man who starts to control his anger gradually, Akash performs with much finesse. Kripall Sengupta, Devraj Setya, Pratik Rajen Kothari are fantastic in their own character. The do not have much of stage presence but each of them have something unique in their character and portray that very well. Pooja Pradaan and Dilshad Patel makes you laugh whenever they come on stage. Their quirky laughter gives you a good dose of laughter. Their performances are simply lovely. Gaurav Ghatnekar steals all the limelight in Mr. & Mr. with his brilliant performance. He comes in late but his act creates a lasting impression and is majorly responsible for the amazing feeling you get after the play. He is cranky, behaves stupid, is annoying and irritating at times but most importantly he is a thirty one years old adorable man in the play. Every time he cries on stage you crack up and also feel sad for him at the same time. He has got every single nuance of his character right. High chances of him being the reason to watch the play again.

Mr. & Mr. is more of concept and performance oriented and it scores full marks in both. Concept is highly refreshing and performances are the soul of the play. Harish Patel’s direction is apt. Lighting, costumes and set design is all simple. Nothing worth noticing here. Play hardly has limited music in it and it hardly bothers you. It does not spoil the overall fun of the play.

Overall Mr. & Mr. makes for an enjoyable play. I highly recommend this one.

Rating: 3.5/5


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