Sanjay Gupta is known to remake world cinema in Hindi. Most of his films have been inspired by films form various countries, I don’t know if Kaabil is inspired from which film but it hardly matters since the film has turned out to be an interesting one. I was surprised as I did not expect Kaabil to be so interesting.

Kaabil is a story of revenge with love story involved in it. Sounds very similar for a Hindi film but it does not make you feel even for a second that such stories are already done. Sanjay Gupta impressively manages to keep you hooked throughout. The film starts safely on a slow note but as it progresses it keeps on becoming more and more interesting. Interval scene increases your curiosity level wanting for more. The major twist in the first half comes as a shocker. Though the narrative is simple the screenplay has been written with lots of efforts making the movie an enjoyable fare.

Kaabil has it share of flaws which are easily avoidable but they are there in the film that bothers you at times. Second half becomes predictable right from the beginning, takes support of songs to make it interesting. It lacks novelty in writing and becomes typically Bollywood but Sanjay Gupta’s execution and Salim Sulaiman’s background score comes to rescue. CGI of the film is plain bad. Backdrop of some scenes literally hurt your eyes. They simply spoil the frame. Writers have taken some liberty and forgotten some basics, why a public call office in an era of mobile phones. The writers should have definitely come up with a better idea.

Even though Kaabil had enough potential to be liked by the audience, Hrithik Roshan makes the film a special one. Right from his first scene he grabs your attention, he effortlessly gets into the skin of the character. His dubbing artist bit is thoroughly enjoyable, proving his caliber as an actor class apart. After Koi Mil Gaya and Dhoom 2, I have enjoyed his act the most in Kaabil. You will be in love with his performance. Yaami Gautam is equally good. Her performance is at par with Hrithik. Their chemistry is just great, it easily hides their age difference and they make a sweet couple. Ronit Roy has always played grey characters in the film but here he is differently nice. His Marathi accent is pitch perfect making his act commendable. On the other hand Rohit Roy has no substance in his character. He hardly gets a chance to perform. Girish Kulkarni seems like playing same type of roles in Hindi cinema. His performance looks very similar be it Ugly, Dangal or Kaabil. Suresh Menon seems wasted and is not at all funny. Performance wise Hrithik Roshan steals the show. He has successfully managed to retain his fans and increase a bit more after this one.

Sanjay Gupta’s direction is very good. He is to be praised equally as Hrithik for this film. Rajesh Roshan’s music sounds bit old fashioned for contemporary generation but you survive the compositions. Jubin Nautiyal as voice of Hrithik was quite good. One singer singing all the songs is something rare in today’s films. Editing of the film is perfect and action is very interesting. Also special mention to choreography of Mon Amor song which is a delightful watch where Hrithik and Yaami dance for first time together.

Overall Kaabil is thoroughly enjoyable and worth a watch.

Rating: 3.5/5


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