It is not an easy task to make a full length feature film inspired by a short film, screenplay becomes a task. Munthirivallikal Thalirkkumbol is based on a short film Pranayopanishath. Difficulties faced by M. Sindhuraj in writing the screenplay are clearly visible but Jibu Jacob’s execution makes sure that the film is not affected.

Munthirivallikal Thalirkkumbol is a very simple story about an ordinary family. Story that can be easily related to because of its realistic subject. The film’s premise is vast enough to find ourselves somewhere in it. It touches upon various aspects of a common man that makes the film special. Film does not spend time in unnecessary events, there is repetition of events in the first hour but that is carefully written not giving the feel of monotony to it. Pace of the film is average to slow but the turn of events are rightly placed and the film does not even reach boredom. Too many things happen in the first half, variation in writing is commendable here. The interval scene makes you curious but you also question how has Jibu handled the second half and he does not disappoint you even for a second. Second half may lack substance compared to first half but is gripping enough. It concentrates more on emotions rather than events.

Mohanlal plays all his characters effortlessly, he owns them. His every single performance makes you fall in love with the actor in him. In Munthirivallikal Thalirkkumbol he is convincing as a man fed up of his wife, a man falling for another woman, a caring father whose world is his children, a responsible husband who can go to any extent to make his wife happy and a perfect friend. His innocence in Julia’s track and a disturbed father learning about his teenage daughters love life is unbeatable. Meena has a very strong character, it has various shades and she preforms it phenomenally. She makes you feel for her character, apart from being strong woman she is smart as well. Child actors Aima and Sanoop have performed equally well. The chemistry of all four of them together and with each other separately is simply superb. It helps in making the film strong. Many other characters in the film who are good but these four primary character steal the show.

Jibu Jacob’s direction is the highlight of the film. He beautifully settles us in this family, we feel good and bad for them in their happy and sad times. Unfolding of events in the second half is pure fun, Meena plays a crucial part in making that entire portion enjoyable. Jibu correctly touches our emotional chord by his portrayal of parents care for children and the siblings relation. Jini’s track towards the end gives you the chills. The easily avoidable thing in the film could have been the subplot which is concentrating on Anoop Menon’s story. It did not require so much attention as it was similar to Mohanlal’s story. Music of the film is apt. One song helps the film in saving it from beating around the bush. The other one consisting flashbacks helps in setting the base for the happy phase in the film. The other two are typical happy go lucky songs explaining the importance of family. Overall all the songs add importance to the film. Editing of the film is just up to the mark. Background score and cinematography of the film make the film more lively.

Overall Munthirivallikal Thalirkkumbol is a delightful watch. It truly stands by its tagkine “my life is my wife”. It is a sweet film made sweeter by Mohanlal presence in it. I recommend this one.

Rating: 3.25/5
(Just 3 won’t do justice to it)


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