Shlok Sharma’s Haraamkhor is about a very complex relationship portrayed in a simplistic way. The storytelling of Shlok makes Haraamkhor a noteworthy film. There is lots more in the film that the trailer.

Initially Haraamkhor is a bit unclear as to where is it leading to with quite a few things happening at the same time and the director leaves most of them incomplete. As the film progress things fall into place and Haraamkhor becomes a wonderful experience. Story is simple, beautifully written with subtlety at its peak. The writing may not be highly griping but is surely interesting. Same goes for the direction, Shlok’s execution of the film makes it worth a watch. The humor in the film is perfectly done, placed rightly and in right proportion without losing the sensitivity of the subject. By now many Hindi films have portrayed a darker side of our nation, Haraamkhor may not have done it differently but done it rightly or with utmost authenticity. Be it Nawazuddin’s relation with his wife or Shweta’s mental disturbance with her family or the definition of love for kids, Shlok has sincerely managed to bring all this on screen. The entire look and feel of the film is just perfect, very raw and real be it locations, costumes or the performances.

Shweta Tripathi has given a brilliant performance. This was her first attempt in front of camera and she has nailed it. In the entire cast she shines like a rare precious diamond. Her act literally and actually makes you feel for and like her character. I was very surprised by her performance. Look forward to see more of her in films. Nawazuddin Siddiqui can do everything with strong conviction that he will make you fall in love with his performance. In Haraamkhor he is at his best but it’s just that the others got a bit better than him this time. Trimala Adhikari as Nawazuddin’s wife delivers an impressive performance in her limited screen time. The two kids; Irfan Khan and Mohd. Samad add more life to the film by their genuine act. They are innocently naughty but flawless. Performance wise Haraamkhor is all praises.

Cinematography of the film is noteworthy. Takes you in the world of these characters and the unique story. At places the shot is shaky which bothers a bit. Editing and background score of the film takes a back seat because of the interesting story. They are good but not very prominent. Lack of music does not affect the film at all nor do you feel the need of songs. Just one song that plays during the end credits. As far as getting connected or relating to the film or characters is concerned, Haraamkhor is not at all difficult.

Overall Haraamkhor makes for a great watch and leaves you totally satisfied by the end of the film. The climax is sad, sweet, real and abrupt so makes you think a lot after the film. I recommend this one.

Rating: 3.5/5


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