Bairavaa is a regular mass entertainer filled with action, drama, emotions, humor. Vijay as always is in full form to entertain his fans, but this one he is almost successful not totally. Bairavaa may be entertaining but it struggles to be different from the rest of the typical commercial entertainers.

First half of Bairavaa is a joyride. Even though nothing much happens for most of the time in the first half, Bharatha manages to entertain you with with right amount of humor and action. The moment film goes into flashback you are in a totally different world of emotions. Those thirty minutes has dead silence in the cinema since you are so much into the story. Here Vijay is missing but you don’t mind his absence at all. Second half is a problem. Not even few minutes into second half and the film takes the ordinary track. Few moments like the courtroom scene and the chase sequence add some life to the second half, else it offers nothing new. Here even the songs seem forced, does not matter how enjoyable they are.

Action of Bairavaa is the highlight of the film. It is the regular slow motion action sequences but the way they are designed and executed are simply superb. It’s a pure delight to watch them be it the initial sequence which is nicely clubbed with cricket or the one just before the interval which is shot stylishly. Action in the film will surely give you your money’s worth. Sound design of the film is exceptional. It makes you notice it and an important aspect in making the film entertaining. Everything else in the film was strictly ordinary, be it direction, performances or the music. Vijay’s performance lacked the required style, his character was way too ordinary right from look to the performance. Music was regular, romance and dance numbers. VFX in the film is not proper. You can easily make out that the scene is shot in chroma background.

Overall Bairavaa is a decent entertainer but is not different from the others in the lot. Can be easily enjoyed once on big screen.

Rating: 2.5/5


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