Satish Rajwade has always presented love stories in a different way, be it Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai or Premachi Goshta. This time with Ti Saddhya Kay Karte he lost his balance and has come up with a very cliched love story which is about first love. This love story is least interesting and its execution makes it very difficult to sit through the film.

Writing of Ti Saddhya Kay Karte is very ordinary. Anurag’s character is very weak and highly unlikable whereas Tanvi’s character is written with great finesse. You feel like having someone like her in your life, so mature and understanding. As far as turn of events are concerned the writing here lacks innovation. There are few cute and sweet moments but they loose their charm in the weak screenplay. Writing is the major problem of Ti Saddhya Kay Karte.

In Anurag’s character, Hruditya Rajwade shines, Abhinay Berde is easily forgettable and Ankush Chaudhari had nothing to do. Hruditya’s performance is pitch perfect, he got his character completely right and performed it genuinely. Abhinay Berde was a complete spoilsport in the film. His presence disturbs everything in the film, be it his co actors, the songs or your movie watching experience. His act seems very immature. He looked camera conscious throughout the film and that is prominent. Sadly Ankush Chaudhari hardly had anything to do in the film. His part in the film lacked substance, he narrating the the film does not help much. In Tanvi’s character, Nirmohi Agnihotri was genuine, Aarya Ambekar was the best and Tejashree Pradhan performed well in bits and parts. Here the characterization plays a big part in bringing out good performance from all three of them. Nirmohi Agnihotri gives a very mature performance considering her age. Aarya Ambekar was surprisingly good in Parched and in Ti Saddhya Kay Karte she owned her character. Tejashri Pradhan acts slightly good in just two scenes rest of the time she looked like an TV actress only. The supporting cast which includes Sanjay and Sukanya Mone, Tushar Dlavi, Anuradha Rajya were decent. Urmila Kanetkar Kothare’s presence is refreshing.

Satish Rajwade’s direction lacks that punch that makes his films extraordinary. I still have high hopes from him that he will make a better film next time. The various composers of the film have composed some great songs and the album also deserves to be in your collection but the songs in the film seems forced for no reason. Editing of the film is good in second half. The back and forth in teenage and adult era is something that keeps you engrossed. First half is simply difficult to sit through. Even that one hour seems too long. Art designing of the film looks very real especially the childhood and teenage era. The efforts are clearly visible.

Overall Ti Saddhya Kay Karte can be easily skipped. Though the last twenty minutes make up for the remaining not so good hundred minutes but he film is surely not worth watching on big screen.

Rating: 2.5
(Half star extra for the last twenty minutes)


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