Dangal needs to be appreciated for its film making more than the film as a whole. The film starts off very well without wasting even a single second. Right from the first frame you are into the film. The trailer revealed the entire story so nothing left to discuss about the story also it is a true incident so no suspense as such in the film.

Dangal has a very simple and straight forward narrative. The problem with it is that it lack those WOW moments most of the times yet it keeps you hooked throughout. Nitesh Tiwari has done some magic with his execution to shape the film the way it has turned out to be. Initial half an hour to forty five minutes the film is just moving on. Here, Dangal raises many questions; why is Mahavir being so ruthless towards his kids. Like a typical Indian wife Daya is helpless and can’t say anything to support her kids as her husband will not approve that. Geeta and Babita with no other option tries their best to get rid of wrestling but always fail, Omkar gets pulled in all this for no reason but he enjoys being with the father-daughters trio. That one scene immediately after Idiot song changes the entire scenario of the film, you also start thinking different. Very powerful and most important scene in the film. Film moves on at a moderate pace and you do not loose interest even for a single second. Second half is repetitive, predictable and lacks strong content. Here the film is no different from others in this genre. The last thirty minutes are the game changer. You are suddenly into an altogether different world. The atmosphere created by Nitesh here is phenomenal and is the soul of the film. You cheer for Geeta with claps and whistles and her win brings a wide smile on your face which remains for a long time.

Dangal in a very beautiful manner portrays the sad state of our nation which people living in urban cities/metros never see. The regressive thinking of small town in our nation. Highly prominent gender discrimination. The way importance of parents in every kids life is portrayed is beyond excellence. Its always too late by the time kids understand the importance of their parents in their life. But kids can’t be blamed too; they are not smart enough to understand this too early in their life. It is important to watch Dangal for these small lessons.

Coming to technicalities of Dangal; first and foremost the fight sequences. Well designed and look very authentic. Even though we do not know much about wrestling you are simply mesmerized by all the wrestling sequences in the film. Production design of the film needs a special mention. Sets are perfectly designed. Real locations were also given that much required realistic feel to take us back in time. Editing of the film plays a very important role in making this film enjoyable. Not a scene wasted nor is any scene unnecessarily long. Even though the film is shown chronologically it is successful in maintaining the interest of the audience. Background score of the film is not powerful enough due to which scenes lacks intensity at times. Emotions are loaded in the scenes but at times they don’t connect rightly with you. Make-up department for maintaining the look’s of Aamir Khan and Sakshi Tanwar. Aamir Khan’s look is outstanding, not even a slightest doubt the way his character transforms with the film. Pritam’s compositions add more power to the film. Every single song is like an need of the hour. They either take the story forward or describe the situation in best possible way. Amitach Bhattacharya’s lyrics are stunning.

Performances in the film are perfectly subtle. They are not the major or only reason to watch the film. Aamir Khan is outstanding. His character lacks shades but has many variations in it. Most of the time he is this strict disciplined father and you get to see very less of his caring side. Sakshi Tanwar has very well supported the entire cast. She is not wasted, but not doing this film would not have been a loss to her. Fatima Sana Shaikh as the grown up Geeta and Sanya Malhotra as grown up Babita are amazing. They have given their best effort and their act is flawless too but their litmus test to pass as an actor will be their next film where they can prove their versatility as an actor. Ritvik Sahore as young Omkar is loaded with talent. He impressed us in Ferrari Ki Sawari and his good work like this will take him places. Aparshakti Khurrana does not do justice to the character the way Ritvik caried it. You always see his brother Ayushmann Khurrana in his act. Girish Kulkarni gives a delightful performance. Even though he is the bad guy he plays it well. Nitesh Tiwari’s direction is simply good. He needs to be credited just for the last thirty minutes rest all was quite ordinary.

Overall Dangal is not high on entertainment but the efforts are noteworthy and worth appreciating. The entire difference of opinion portion between Geeta and Babita might remind you of Saala Khadoos. The last thirty minutes are the highlight of the film but they do remind you of Chak De India. Dangal deserves to be seen by one and all because it is an important film in many ways. Something or the other to take away for everyone.

Rating: 4/5
(Half star extra for the last thirty minutes of the film)


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