La La Land is beautiful, colorful and a top class visual treat. A simple story told beautifully. What makes La La Land more special is its detailing in every department be it costumes, production design, choreography or music. Every single factor of La La Land is flawless. Dedicated efforts of Damien Chazelle are noteworthy.

La La Land is a simple story of two struggling artists trying their level best to fulfill their dreams. All the ups and downs/lows and highs they go through before they finally settle down satisfyingly is what La La Land all about. The film is flat paced and does not have much of twists and turns in the simple story but is surely engaging and delightful enough for the audience. There is a very realistic approach towards writing the characters of Sebastian and Mia. When they emote a certain emotion you could literally feel it while watching them. The downfall in their bond is simply heartbreaking. Even the climax has a very practical approach. As per the treatment of the film the director could have easily chosen a comfortable and happy ending but he choose to be more realistic and practical making our movie watching experience more fulfilling/satisfying.

First and foremost the production design of the film is phenomenal. So much detailing in creating this magical world which is visually stunning. Hats off to the entire team for pulling off this difficult task. Followed by that will be the costumes department. Like art, the costumes also makes every single frame more colorful. Also the costumes are very well designed as per the tone and mood of the film. Sometimes subtle, vibrant when required and at times lavish. Justin Hurwitz’s compositions and background score add more soul to the film. He has perfectly got that falvour of 30’s and 40’s music. Its the music of the film that plays a major role in making the film enjoyable. Mandy Moore is as important as the writer-director for this film. Her dances are nothing but just brilliant.Tap dance, Jazz, Ballroom and much more in store for everyone. You can’t help but tap your feet while enjoying the dances in the film, be it the very first group dance in traffic or the couple dance with amazing backdrops, they are simply magical. Editing is perfect and cinematography is outstanding. Every single frame in the film looks nothing short than a breathtaking portrait.

Coming to performances in the film, every single actor in the film is fantastic. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone has variations in their characters and they bring out the best in them. Ryan’s ingenuity at the diner table scene and Emma’s flow of emotions in her final audition are lessons for aspiring actors. Both Ryan and Emma are outstanding. John Legend as Keith is adorable. He is the sweetest character in the film. Rosemary Dewitt nails it in her limited presence. J.K. Simmons may not be as harsh as in Whiplash but he is strict enough. He played his character very convincingly. Performances were too good in the film. Damien Chazelle’s direction makes La La Land a pure visually stunning entertainer. His vision and execution makes the film the way it has turned out to be.

Overall La La Land is a cinematic brilliance. Simple and ordinary story executed exceptionally creating magic on screen. Trip to this land is worth it. Strongly recommended.

Rating: 4/5


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