Befikre left me speechless, unfortunately not in a happy or positive way. Aditya Chopra, known for portraying love like no other has failed miserably to understand the definition of love according to current generation rather he got it wrong. Befikre has too many loopholes and Aditya Chopra struggles to get out of them. Result; Befikre turning out to be a disappointment.

Story of Befikre lacks novelty. Agreed that there can be hardly anything novel in a love story but that does not mean you can create a non convincing and a flawed love story. First half of the film has hardly any substance. In fact the back and forth of flashbacks hardly adds anything to the film. It does not make you curious nor does it make the film interesting. In fact it leaves you confused and unnecessarily making you think, you end up wondering what the film is up to and where it will lead in the second half. First half is not worth a penny.

Second half acts as a saviour but not totally. Aditya Chopra gets into his element. Writing becomes sensible and you are somewhat into the film. Sad part about it is that it has too many cliches. Difficult to digest the fact that Aditya Chopra takes inspiration from other films. No originality at all but Aditya Chopra somehow manages to make it interesting and you somewhere start finding your money’s worth.

Ranveer Singh’s performance seems like a vacation for him. After giving unforgettable acts in Bajirao Mastani, Dil Dhadakne Do, Ram-Leela this one seems easily forgettable. Dharam’s character lacked depth and variation. It did not seem like it was made for Ranveer, any other actor could have done this part convincingly. Vaani Kapoor was not as bad as she looked in the trailer. She was decent, no over acting not over the top reaction or expressions. She was in her character which again was not properly written. The characters were very difficult to relate to and so was the screenplay. Aditya Chopra’s direction was very weak. I wonder what generation he saw that defined love shown in this film. The film is set in Paris and the love story my be like the French but will Indian audience accept it openly is the question Befikre leaves you with.

Befikre is over the top and sadly unbelievable as well. We no more live in 90’s that we can easily agree to a film like this. Now a days cinematic liberty is taken with lots of precautions and seriousness. Difficult to fool audience under cinematic liberty label. Vishal-Shekhar’s compositions are good and the songs don’t seem forced at all. Unfortunately the music will be forgotten after watching the film.

Overall Befikre is an effort gone waste. Aditya Chopra can’t connect to young audience with this one; forget elder audience. Depending an whatever you have seen in Bollywood till date you will relate this one to many films. You will remember Dhoom, Veer-Zaara, Love Aaj Kal, Raanjhanaa and climax is typically Bollywood style love story. It’s absolutely fine to not watch Befikre. Not being harsh with the rating with some hopes from Aditya Chopra in his next film.

Rating: 2/5


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